Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals Firm

Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals Firm

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Creating an office space that embodies a brand’s identity is essential for establishing a strong and cohesive corporate image. Check out our recent project completion for a prominent Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals firm in Shanghai, where JEB Group’s high performing Acoustic Partitions and Furniture range were integrated to create a minimalist aesthetic and visually stunning workspace. 

Customised Double-Glazed Partitions:
For its meeting rooms, our client opted for JEB’s best-selling STC 45 DoubleGlazed X-Series partitions for its high acoustic capabilities. The system is installed with our SUMMIT Sliding door, effectively managing noise levels and fostering a safe environment for confidential and secure meetings. In line with the project’s requirements, we incorporated switchable glass panels to offer a sophisticated privacy solution.

Captivating Design Elements
At JEB, we take immense pride in our commitment to visual appeal and customisation. Our extensive range of frame colours allows brands to create a cohesive office aesthetic on a global scale. For this project, our client chose an elegant and on-trend matte champagne powder coat frame finish, which beautifully complements the minimalistic coloured walls and furniture whilst truly reflecting their brand identity. The minimalistic aesthetics, combined with the gentle touch of bamboo charcoal textures have transformed the space into a serene and expansive setting. The overall design allows for a better focus on work by eliminating unnecessary distractions and by creating an environment that fosters productivity and collaboration. 

Whether you seek to elevate acoustic performance, improve aesthetics, or foster a productive environment, JEB offers a comprehensive range of products and services. Contact us today to explore how JEB products and services can help take your workspace to the next level.

In this project, we supplied and installed:

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to create innovative solutions for the ever-changing workplace landscape!

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