UOW College

UOW College

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Explore the new campus of the University of Wollongong in Tai Wai, Hong Kong! Through strategic utilisation of our high-performing and innovative Acoustic Partitions and Furniture solutions, we have created an environment that prioritises adaptability, flexibility, and optimal functionality.

UOW College
A Campus Designed for Collaboration

At UOW’s new campus, we have installed a diverse range of furniture solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of students and educators. The inclusion of 9AM Inc. Height Adjustable Desks, Frame floor panels, Hayes Desks, cabinets, and custom movable lecture tables ensures smooth transitions between large lectures and small group settings. This flexibility empowers educators to embrace blended education and foster engaging learning experiences that inspire students.

Versatile Common Areas with Double-Glazed Operable Walls

Throughout the campus, we have also specified our high-performing INTEGRA Operable walls, rated at an STC of 40, allowing quick adaptations to room dimensions and arrangements to accommodate different teaching approaches. By integrating glass partitions, we enhance natural light, crafting welcoming areas ideal for a range of educational tasks. This promotes an energetic setting that supports student development and fosters an engaging learning atmosphere.

UOW College
UOW College

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