Leading Video Games Developer

Leading Video Games Developer

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Step inside the office of a China leading video games developer, a 20,000 sqm. innovation hub located in Shanghai. Our Acoustic Partitions team helped create a workspace that seamlessly combines work and play, inspiring creativity, and productivity.

Customised Double-Glazed Partitions:
To foster a people-focused work environment and accommodate their growing workforce, our client has chosen our INTEGRA operable wall system that allows the team to easily reconfigure their office layout to accommodate evolving needs and team dynamics. In meeting and brainstorming areas, they have selected our best-selling double glazing, STC 42, X-SERIES partitions system, which effectively manages noise and fosters a harmonious atmosphere.

Visually Appealing Aesthetics:
JEB’s acoustic partitions embody a design philosophy that prioritises a lightweight and modern approach while emphasising functionality and longevity. With a focus on glass components and minimal aluminium frames, these acoustic partitions not only enhance the office’s aesthetic by maximising natural light and creating a vibrant and luminous space but also foster imagination and innovation. This makes them particularly suitable for video games developer companies seeking an inspiring work environment.

X-series Double-glazed Partitions

Global Accessibility and Expertise:
The reach of JEB Acoustic Partitions extends beyond Asia, encompassing the UK, Europe, and North America. This availability presents an exciting opportunity for businesses worldwide to transform their workspaces. Whether you seek to elevate acoustic performance, improve aesthetics, or foster a productive environment, JEB offers a comprehensive range of products and services. Contact us today to explore how JEB products and services can help take your workspace to the next level.

In this project, we supplied and installed:

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to create innovative solutions for the ever-changing workplace landscape!

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