Innovate with Purpose

Who we are

JEB is a global leader and trusted partner in high acoustic performance office partitions, built-in & bespoke furniture solutions, customised façades and sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

We create and deliver innovative, executive solutions from acoustic partitions, office furniture and bespoke facades to sustainable office solutions and circular hygiene products. We believe in partnering with our clients to create a complete, one-stop solution to provide better workplaces, improve productivity, foster a sense of community and promote wellness, all whilst reducing waste and our carbon footprint on the planet.


Our Values


Changemakers at heart. We look ahead and innovate with purpose. We endeavor to disrupt the market with new and better products and solutions that protect businesses, their employees, community and the planet around them


We serve our clients, our community, our colleagues and our planet. We genuinely believe in the importance of giving back. Our philosophy and promise to 'serve' has seen us become long-term, collaborative, trusted partners that our clients can rely on.


Performance and idea driven, we are not afraid of change, we embrace it. We are constantly finding better solutions, better ways and better products for our customers and clients. We never settle for less.


We are creators at our heart and core. We create more than just unique, long lasting, performance solutions & products. We create solutions that last and spaces that foster and inspire community, creativity, productivity, wellness and collaboration.

The JEB Difference

Dedicated Global Specialist Team
In-house Design & Engineering
Proprietary Products
3rd Party Acoustic Testing
End-to-End Project Management
World Leading Manufacturers
Certified Sustainable Sourcing and Practices
High Performance. High Quality Solutions
Solution & Service Driven


At JEB we’re committed to and invested in sustainability because it’s a win all around—it’s good for the planet, for business, for our customers, and for our communities.

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