Soft Wait

Product Type
Breakout Area, Public Seating, Sustainable Furniture
Price Range
Lead Time
14-16 Weeks


The sofa-style waiting area system Soft Wait combines casual comfort and ergonomic seating, while also being suited to heavy use and the exacting demands of public spaces.


Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

Available in

China Hong Kong Singapore

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Height (mm) 89
  • Width (mm) 253.3
  • Depth (mm) 65.9

Soft Wait has a modular design and not only allows multiple configurations but can also later be modified or expanded.

Each detail is designed to be durable, easy to clean and simple to maintain: dirt cannot lodge itself anywhere.

Soft Wait can be assembled into linear and curved formations, making effective utilisation of even awkwardly shaped interiors or dead spaces, for example around pillars.


Colours & Materials
Seat Upholstery
  • jeb jeb Blue(Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Black (Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Green (Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Grey(Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Jacinth(Fabric)
Seat Upholstery Swatches (Materials: Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Black(Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Blue (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Green (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Jacinth (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Grey (Mesh)
Seat Upholstery Swatches (Materials: Leather)
  • jeb jeb Black (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Cool Grey (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Grey (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Light Brown (Leather)


GREENGUARD certified

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