AC5 Work

Product Type
Meeting Chair, Seating, Sustainable Furniture
Price Range
Lead Time
11-13 Weeks


The elegant office swivel chair AC 5 Work is equipped with a range of sophisticated functions that not only guarantee healthy seating comfort, but are also discreetly out of sight. This clean look enhances the graceful lines of AC 5 Work, whose distinctive design and uncompromising functionality make it a perfect seating option for well-appointed offices.


Antonio Citterio

Available in

Hong Kong Singapore China

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Height(mm) 101-113
  • Width(mm) 66-75.5
  • Depth(mm) 53-78

The sophisticated structure of the AC 5 Work backrest with three different zones – lumbar zone, sink-in zone and shoulder zone – provides optimum support for the neck and prevents muscle tension.


Further ergonomic features of AC 5 Work include the FlowMotion mechanism with synchronised forward tilt and seat depth adjustment, as well as the innovative FreeFloat armrests


Colours and Materials
Seat Upholstery
  • jeb jeb Black (Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Blue(Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Green (Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Grey(Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Jacinth(Fabric)
Seat Upholstery Swatches (Materials: Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Black(Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Blue (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Green (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Grey (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Jacinth (Mesh)
Seat Upholstery Swatches (Materials: Leather)
  • jeb jeb Black (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Cool Grey (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Grey (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Light Brown (Leather)


AC 5 Work is 94 % recyclable when fully separated. Vitra understands the term recyclability to signify only melting down and reuse of raw materials. Polyurethane and wood products, for example, cannot be melted down. However, these materials can be used thermally to gene-rate energy or can be crushed and recycled as materials. Proportion of recycled material: AC 5 Work contains 55 % recycled material. Using recycled materials conserves valuable resources. With their proportion of recycled material, among other things, Vitra products can contribute to a good rating in certification programs for sustainable buildings (for example LEED). We will be happy to assist you should you require more information on this subject. Packaging: A polyethylene dustcover prevents soiling. The base is protected by a net stocking, the backrest by a small packing of Styrofoam that is wrapped in cardboard.



  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified
  • Blue Angel for low-emission upholstery furniture (RAL-UZ 117) (The “Blue Angel” applies to all versions with standard fabric covers. It does not apply to leather covers and versions treated with special flame retardants.

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