Mastermind Fold

Product Type
Desk + Workstations, Meeting Table, Sustainable Furniture
Price Range
Lead Time
11-13 Weeks


The clever solution for multifunctional rooms – and for more flexibility: Sedus mastermind fold – a high-quality, representative conference table that seats up to eight people and takes up little space when it is no longer needed.

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Hong Kong China Singapore

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Height (mm) 720
  • Width (mm) 320
  • Depth (mm) 160

Here everyone can open up: Sedus mastermind fold The smooth transmission and high-performance gas springs ensure particularly efficient power transmission. Thanks to the sophisticated folding mechanism, even people who are not so strong can easily set up mastermind fold and stow it away again. The unique Sedus Securelock System ensures safety here because when unfolded, the table tops are automatically snapped into place even before locking.


Modest: When not in use, with a width of just 400mm it does not need much space.


Mobile: Thanks to the large and smooth-running castors the folding table can be moved easily and conveniently.

Protected: Important for frequent assembly and disassembly: all around impact protection edges that protect the table, the walls and other furniture in the room.


Table Frame Swatches
  • jeb jeb jeb Black (Metal)
  • jeb jeb jeb Grey(Metal)
  • jeb jeb jeb White (Metal)
Table Top Swatches
  • jeb jeb Black Oak
  • jeb jeb Cherry
  • jeb jeb Light Grey
  • jeb jeb Mahogany
  • jeb jeb Maple
  • jeb jeb Walnut Dark
  • jeb jeb Walnut Light
  • jeb jeb White
  • jeb jeb Oak


Sedus purchase around two thirds of the steel, aluminium and wood which we require to produce our products in Germany and almost all the rest from Europe, this helps us to avoid long delivery routes whilst, at the same time, boosting the local economy. We use materials which have been tested and assessed with respect to potentially adverse effects on human health and the environment.

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