Open Up Highback

Product Type
Seating, Sustainable Furniture, Task Chair
Price Range
Lead Time
11-13 Weeks


Motivation comes from being able to lean back and relax during a hard working day. Switch off and free up your thoughts – no problem when you have open up in the office. Whenever you need to clear your head. Sitting, standing or even when lying down: this elegant office chair with integrated “Similar” and dorsokinetic mechanisms makes any position possible. Freedom of movement releases the mind. The perfect inspiration for efficient working.

Available in

Hong Kong Singapore China

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Height(mm) 118.5-138.5
  • Width(mm) 69
  • Depth(mm) 80

This unusual swivel chair features a reclining angle of up to 45 degrees; a value which, when combined with a dorsokinetically suspended backrest, is achieved by no other chair on the market. The flexible backrest connection ideally supports the back during all rotating and lateral movements.

Dorsokinetic mechanism :With the flexible backrest connection, open up supports you at all times. The backrest follows your every movement. Sideways. Backwards.

Lumbar support :Height-adjustable strain-relief for the lower back. To ensure that the backrest fits perfectly to your back.

3D armrests: Comfort that adapts. In every direction. In Soft-touch, with leather upholstery or gel insert.



Sedus operates globally in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and fighting corruption Glossy Perfect chrome finishes from an electroplating workshop that includes a treatment plant that removes the residues from the water Resistant Fabric quality that is not only durable, but also exemplary in terms of tear and chemical resistance Never far away Highest quality and short transport routes. The soft aniline leathers used are obtained primarily from Southern Germany and Austria

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