Product Type
Seating, Task Chair
Good Tone
Price Range
Lead Time
7-9 Weeks
Locally Sourced


The Vix mid-back office swivel chair comes with a mesh back, ergonomic moulded foam and fabric seat and an easy 3-position locking mechanism to ensure optimum comfort.


design JOYN

Available in

Hong Kong China Singapore

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Height (mm) 600-1250
  • Width (mm) 400
  • Depth (mm) 700

3D Armrest Lifting, moving forward and backward, moving at an angle, moving left and right, through adjustment, it can adapt to the support of the arm in different body shapes and different postures.

High Performance Aluminum Alloy Swivel Chair - VIX – GOODTONE detail pictures


Tilt the chassis in its original position and lock it with one button. Safe and explosion-proof, up and down, stable and reliable; Korea KGS 4 level (nitriding treatment) air pressure rod.


Colour and Materilas
Seat Upholstery
  • jeb jeb Black (Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Blue(Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Green (Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Grey(Fabric)
  • jeb jeb Jacinth(Fabric)
Seat Upholstery
  • jeb jeb Black(Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Blue (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Green (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Grey (Mesh)
  • jeb jeb Jacinth (Mesh)
Seat Upholstery
  • jeb jeb Black (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Cool Grey (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Grey (Leather)
  • jeb jeb Light Brown (Leather)

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