se:lab mobile planter

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Find Fair Collection, Reception Area, Sustainable Furniture
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Lead Time
18-20 Weeks


Indoor plants are not only loved at home. They are becoming increasingly popular in offices as well. When choosing plants for the office, however, it’s not all about the aesthetics. Plants have a proven added value for the working and indoor climate.

With the se:lab mobile planter, Sedus is now launching a mobile zoning element that transforms dreary office spaces into green oases. With a width of 1400 mm, a height of 1900 mm and a depth of 200 mm, the green design element becomes an eye-catcher in every office. The integrated castors allow for flexible use of the mobile elements. The easy-to-remove elements for the planter tray quickly and easily turn vertical green spaces into a reality, even in the office.

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Size W 1400 x H 1900 x D 200 mm

se:matrix planter – biophilic design for green offices

The majority of people feel most at ease when they are surrounded by nature. Unfortunately, this is rarely possible in everyday office life. By using products that are particularly suited to biophilic design, Sedus aims to bring more of the green into the office. With the new planter for se:matrix, the working environment acquires a homely and natural touch. Perfectly matched to the shelving system, the planters can be individually integrated with ease and without great effort.

Whether as a green highlight by incorporating just one planter or combining several to create a completely green shelving area, the possibilities are wide and varied. With a width of 345 mm or 745 mm, a depth of 345 mm and a height of 150 mm, planters can provide a new home for plants large and small. Waterproof plastic shelves with a slip-resistant rubber base instantly add a touch of green to any office.

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