Temptation C

Product Type
Desk + Workstations, Sustainable Furniture, Workstation
Price Range
Lead Time
11-13 Weeks


Apart from the unmistakeable design, the well thought-out functionality and efficiency are what characterise the Temptation C conference tables. The remarkable freedom of design includes: numerous table-top shapes in different sizes, materials and colours making it possible to adapt them to any need and space. With Temptation C , it is possible to create attractive places where you can be at ease meeting others. Ideal for small to medium-sized meetings.

Available in

Hong Kong China Singapore

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Height (mm) 60-125
  • Width (mm) 140
  • Depth (mm) 170

Flexibility is in the family.

All the tables within the temptation family can be harmoniously combined. The ergonomic C-frame tables from temptation c work alongside the 4-leg tables from temptation four, for example, as work and conference solutions. Thanks to the uniform design, temptation twin, high desk and prime also dovetail seamlessly into the overall look. The attractive design of the temptation c desktop and frame components are guaranteed to enhance the appearance of every room. With numerous attachment and linking elements, the tables can be configured to suit your requirements. This makes it not only economical but also future-proof.


The central organisation rail from se:wall provides plenty of room for practical accessories. This also includes the option of a power supply via a socket and USB charger.

The customised setting of the seat height or seat/ standing height, with height adjustment via either a gas spring or electric motor, guarantees the optimal height for working. With electromotor height adjustment, the sitting/ standing height can be conveniently set at the touch of a button (Fig. left), whereas the gas spring version enables independent adjustment and optimal load setting using a crank handle.


We purchase around two thirds of the steel, aluminium and wood which we require to produce our products in Germany and almost all the rest from Europe, this helps us to avoid long delivery routes whilst, at the same time, boosting the local economy. We use materials which have been tested and assessed with respect to potentially adverse effects on human health and the environment.

  • Water-based adhesives
  • Wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Galvanisation with chrome III
  • Use of certified upholstery fabrics in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Heat generation from wood chippings Produced using 100% green electricity
  • Produced in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 Environmental management
  • Produced in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 Energy management
  • Produced in accordance with DIN EN 45001 Occupational safety

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