How Agile Based Working is helping to solve the Privacy Crisis

Workstyles of today call for balanced amenity of social & solo functions

For decades, the idea of privacy in a work environment often meant an enclosed office, usually allocated based on hierarchy or position. As real estate costs escalated and work practices evolved, the private office often became even more of a status symbol and open plan working proliferated, promising greater collaboration and transparency. Yet, despite the well-intentioned move to more open, unstructured workplaces, the basic human need for a balance of privacy & connection was largely ignored. Organisations commonly forget to adequately consider the psychological needs of their employees, which has led to disengagement, burnout, lack of productivity and staff turnover at epidemic proportions.


There is no doubt the ability to share information, collaborate and generate new ideas is crucial to an organisation’s success. Significant effort has been made to create funky spaces, hire new talent, implement technology and offer team bonding sessions to maximise output.  Yet, despite this, many organisations are finding the opposite is happening. Too much interaction has taken a toll on employees and finding the right solution has proved difficult.  


Privacy is now being widely recognised as a fundamental necessity for all employees, not just those with a specific position. Just as employees need space for interaction and social activities, they need equal space and time to focus, detach and recharge.

The Activity Based Working approach aims to create the right balance of social, collaborative spaces and quiet, focus spaces. Real estate is carved up around the specific activities of an organisation and CRE budgets are spent on appropriate office furniture, technology and systems to support the needs of individual employees, teams and the business as a whole. This significant shift in workplace design has revolutionized the entire industry from furniture and finishes to technology, data gathering systems and HR policies.  In parallel with design and technology, business leaders are also focusing on encouraging appropriate behaviour and culture to ensure spaces and facilities are optimised. A Leesman study found “poor adoption of appropriate behaviour in activity based workplaces is a significant problem that limits widespread organisational benefits.”

Workplaces designed and managed around a strategic Activity-Based approach are often extremely successful in supporting the psychological and practical needs of employees. They tackle the issues of over-stimulation and overwhelm by providing an appropriate allocation of quiet, private space available to all employees. However, while Activity-Based Working environments offer control, it is ultimately up to individuals to limit distractions and stimuli, by managing interactions with technology and colleagues. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and organisations implementing ABW practices must recognise that privacy encompasses many different behaviours and needs.

A Perfect Marriage of Functionality & Flexibility

JEB’s highly regarded operable wall system and folding tables are now better value than ever with their new package offer

With all the challenges and opportunities surrounding today’s modern workplace, flexibility is the one key issue that tends to take centre stage during the design and planning processes. This has generated some exciting developments and products, for example, use of adaptable furniture has increased exponentially and operable partitions are seen as a crucial operational tool. JEB is currently the only single-source procurement company in Australia that is able to offer both of these products (among others) within Asia Pacific. Their market-leading Integra operable wall system and Mastermind Folding Table range are now being offered as a package for organisations seeking to optimise meeting space with a high quality, flexible solution.


The Integra movable acoustic system has been designed to provide exceptional technical performance with a refined aesthetic. Integra 8 glazed operable partition panels are now available with switchable glass, not only creating flexible space, but delivering instantaneous visual privacy or light transmission.  Integra T is available in four thicknesses with varying acoustic performance levels while also being able to accommodate projects with lower budgets.

The Sedus Mastermind is a high-quality conference table that seats up to eight people and requires minimal space when no longer needed. The smooth transmission and high-performance gas springs ensure particularly efficient power transmission.  Thanks to the sophisticated folding mechanism, very little physical strength is needed to operate and the unique Secure Lock System enables table tops to be snapped into place before locking.


Stocked in Asia, with a lead time from only seven weeks, this new competitively priced package is hard to beat. Since 2011, JEB has gained a solid reputation for quality products and reliable service, making them the perfect supply and install partner for interior projects.

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Your Danish Surprise is here

Introducing new Danish Delights from Holmris

In our constant efforts to bring you the best, most innovative products on the market, we are thrilled to introduce our latest brand partner, Holmris, from Denmark. A family-owned company for 80 years, it was started in 1937 by a 26-year-old cabinet-maker with a dream to start his own business. 


Holmris produces furniture and interior design solutions that focus on quality, sustainability, innovation and diversity. The company is regarded as amongst the move innovative furniture companies in Denmark, targeting four market sectors; office, learning, hospitality and healthcare. 

Their furniture range showcases their commitment to original craftmanship, with beautifully detailed armchairs, tables, desks, cabinets, screen walls and sofas. JEB is proud to be a distributor in Australia and Singapore and has several products from the collection on display in both showrooms. 

In their mission to challenge the ordinary and set new trends, they have developed outstanding products, such as the Igloo space divider system. Designed to provide a modular framework for defined meeting & work space within an open office environment, it can also integrate with digital media. 

The Shark Chair is a beautifully expressive chair with strong curves and sleek details. Referencing the form of a Hammerhead Shark, it has a visual and physical lightness and is a perfect all-round chair for multiple applications. 


Responding to the consistent demand for acoustic furniture solutions, the Tweet sofa collection provides a clever modular system for individual and group seating. The pouf and daybed can be fitted with a backrest and an additional screen element for even greater acoustic and visual privacy. 

All production at Holmris is undertaken with sustainability in mind and in accordance with Denmark’s strict environmental regulations. They are well aware of minimising their environmental footprint and fully embrace a sustainable mindset, even recycling or donating used furniture. 


As a company that triumphs in merging traditional Danish design with modern technology, we predict even greater success for the company in the future and invite you to visit our Sydney and Singapore showrooms to see the collection in person. 

Discover the collection



We are JEB - Q&A with Colin on an Effective Company Culture


Our Chief Operations Office Colin Leung shares how the right culture has guaranteed JEB's growth in the past decade

When speaking with our stakeholders, we found out that JEB is known for its culture. Our can-do mindset and innovation have allowed us to succeed in every challenge, and earn trust from our clients and partners. Considering JEB’s rapid growth in the past decade, this culture has been vital to us.

Our Chief Operations Officer, Colin Leung, shares more on what JEB culture means and what differences it makes.

Q: What’re your duties as a COO? How would you describe your working style?

I would say this role requires leading by example, putting the right people at the right place, constantly challenging the status quo, providing platforms for staff for new ideas and always solving problems in creative ways. It is like being a Michelin chef mixing all ingredients together to deliver the best dish. I am a coordinator, nurturer, mediator, counsellor and even a magician!

Q: Tell us about the most important factor to JEB’s success?

Good people and the amazing working culture. From directors to front-end staff, everyone has been exceptionally dedicated. We often see our Managing Directors, Rob Wall and Paul Dingley, leading from the front with their diverse experience and engaging in open dialogues with our staffs and managers. We value on creativity, integrity, responsibility, teamwork and a can-do spirit. Everyone feels responsible for their duties with a strong sense of teamwork – and that’s how we tackle problems as a group.

The result is our differentiation in products, services and ability to carve solid solutions as a market leader – with a particular attention to detail.

Q: How has JEB changed over the past years?

We stand out from being merely a partition supplier and are well-perceived as a specialist in our trade. There has been plenty of breakthroughs: we developed an acoustic sliding door, Summit, when everyone believed that sliding doors had no acoustic function. We are probably the first in putting switchable glasses into movable wall panels, and our JEB Custom Projects division has been delivering beautiful and customised solutions and retail façades in many projects.

Most importantly, we have attracted more and more talents with the same values.  Everyone is able to bring something new from their experience, all cemented by a good team spirit and a sense of belonging. our businesses are experiencing an unprecedented growth

Q: How would you envision JEB’s future as an organisation?

I always see JEB as an organism rather than an organisation. We evolve to become better and won’t stop improving ourselves. We are proud of what we are doing. We love to provide new solutions to our clients, we love to find new ways of doing things. We love our people and we also love the places we live in. We will keep doing all these.

Q: Anything else you want to share?

Visiting our showrooms is the best way to “feel” JEB. Come have a coffee or beer. See our products. Have a chat with our people. Tell us your thoughts.

About the Author

Colin Leung is the Chief Operations Officer at JEB Group. He is based in our Hong Kong office. 

You can find out more about JEB's people and values, or visit Colin's LinkedIn profile


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We are JEB - Q&A with Zheng Xiung on Partitions and Servicing Chinese Clients


Our General Manager in Shanghai Zheng Xiung Tien shares how he helps our clients create the right interior and how to provide the best service

China’s demands in the office space have been changing. With China’s continuous proliferation of open workspaces, many companies have been adopting open and agile offices. However, things are never straightforward. The necessity to adapt to multiple complexities make forging trust equally important to professional expertise in the quest of staying ahead of the competition.

Our Shanghai General Manager Zheng Xiung Tien is here to share with us his experience in servicing key Mainland Chinese architectural or designer clients

Q: What have Chinese clients been looking for in the past 5 years and what has changed?

Most top Chinese companies have either developed or are developing their own identities. Rather than imitating multi-national corporations, they would take time to discover their positioning and style. So, when approaching our Chinese clients, we always offer a combination of local and imported products to cater the demand for localisation.

Q: What clients look for (e.g. styles, functionality) and what are their concerns (e.g. cost, lead-time, authenticity)?

Acoustic performance remains a vital factor. Though office trends have been focusing on openness and agility, certain areas need to remain boarded for discussing confidential topics. Another common challenge is lead-time. Delivering each partition component on time has always been challenging.

In face of such challenges, I believe that JEB’s focus on expertise and service is our true differentiation. Clients benefit from the high-quality project management and after-sales services, and each product is customised exactly to the client’s style and intention. We also maintain a long-term relationship with them after the project. Also, our inventory system is designed to reserve relevant items internally for each project. With that, we have been meeting our lead-times quite well.

I will credit our success to our local spearhead team’s diversity and expertise. All our sales consultants have the relevant background, which guarantees our knowledge about design and the industry. Also, I think my German-born background allows me to easily interact with most of the European and Chinese communities here.


Contact us and see how we could help

Q: What is the key to success for servicing Chinese projects?

Being professional is imperative – which means being fast and flexible. Design specifications can keep changing. Our sales team take tremendous effort to fully understand each project’s intent and all relation involved. Through that, we coordinate clients and project managers, and this is vital for ensuring a smooth project. And again, providing the right mixture of local-Chinese and important components is also key.

Q: How has JEB solved it so far? Any indicator of success?

The client is our number-one priority. So, we strive to always be one step ahead of the client. At the same time, we continuously develop our relationship with the partitions’ end-user to minimise any miscommunication between different parties. By liaising with both the end-user and architects, each party could stay connected with the project and understand what JEB has to offer.

Here are some of the project that JEB team in China has delivered to our clients

Q: How would you summarise JEB’s strength in adding value to China’s partition market?

I would give my credits to our team’s flexibility in customising products, quick feedback and open communication, top-notch key products, and variety available. I also think that the fact we only do direct sales makes our service more direct and personalised.

About the Author

Zheng Xiung Tien is our General Manager in Shanghai. 

You can find out more about JEB’s partition systems, visit his LinkedIn profile or contact him directly.


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Designer Q&A - Cushla McFadden

 We value our partners - TomMarkHenry Director Cushla McFadden

We value our partners - TomMarkHenry Director Cushla McFadden

Hello again! Our Australian interior designer profile is back! We will be regularly featuring some of the very talented minds we collaborate with – both their inspirations and their quirky sides. Let’s hear from Cushla from designer firm TomMarkHenry as she shares a piece of her world with us.

Q: How many tabs do you have open right now and what are they?

A: 10! There’s the TomMarkHenry Gmail which is constantly open, a font website to purchase fonts for some new branding with, a couple of Google Drive tabs, a CV I was sent, the BIA UNSW (Bachelors of Interior Architecture UNSW) blog, a new client’s website, Hightail for large file sharing, Eco Outdoor to look for outdoor furniture for a job with, and our TomMarkHenry website to reference an old project!

Q: What is your favourite procrastination method?  

A: Browsing the internet, clearly. 

Q: Flat White or Cold Brew?

A: Flat white, almond milk if you're asking ;)

Q: If you need to choose, would you rather play rugby league in high heels or hike in them?

A: If we took high heels out of the equation, I would still rather hike, so let’s go with hike.

Q: Canned strawberries: innovation or blasphemy?

A: I'm sure they have their place...

Q: Where do you get your inspirations from?

A: Everywhere! Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places and the most unexpected times. Looking out at a particular scene, I will often notice a combination of colours and textures that works, which could be as mundane as a bit of timber left out on a footpath or the colour palette of an old building. 

Q: How would you describe your style and what influenced it?

A: My personal style is quite minimal and pared-back. I've seen my tastes change over time so keeping it classic and neutral means I can layer over time. 

Q: How do you start your morning?

A: Usually walking my dog Maxie, then meditating for 20 minutes before getting ready to get out the door. 

Q: One thing you can't live without?

A: Family. 

Q: What’s your most favourite project you’ve worked on and why?

A: Bondi's Best will always hold a special place in my heart. It was our first real project as TomMarkHenry and put us on the interior design map in Sydney. 

Q: Describe what your dream project looks like

A: A boutique hotel is our dream project!

Q: Do you have a favourite background music track for work?

A: Any TomMarkHenry Spotify playlist works a treat in the office.

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We are JEB: Q&A with Ricky on the Impact from the Right Partitions

Ricky Wong has worked on all sorts of partition projects with an array of clients. He now shares the essences of managing a partition project and how JEB has made a difference.

Q: What makes a good office partition system?

A: One concept we find very handy when approaching any project is that every office is different. There is no “one size fits all” strategy or design in partitions. You need to have a clear understanding of the design and technical criteria of the office in question, understand what is required at each step and provide the right customisation.  

Take JEB’s Integra as an example. Its operable walls offer a refined aesthetics while being stringently acoustic. This flexibility explains why this office partition system is so favourable among our clients.

Q: What key features do clients look for?

A: From my experience, clients are increasingly fond of a streamline design with high acoustic performance. They are also curious on what colour ranges are available for the glass panel system. Some would go further and request that no visible mullion to be seen at the glass joints. Standards for styles have definitely gone up in my opinion.

 The JEB Integra Office Partition System

The JEB Integra Office Partition System

Many a client has asked about our X-Series and Integra partitions ranges for this purpose. With minimum aluminium framing, glass panel systems in multiple shapes and customisable hinges, these lines have long been servicing the demand for specific office partition installations – not to mention our vintage Brooklyn line.

Q: Have the requirements from clients changed over the years?

A: From my observation, there is definitely an emphasis on price economy and short lead time. Project managers want high quality of work delivered, quicker and cheaper.

Q: What is the secret in building a good partition system?

A: The secret to a successful partition system lies in the details. Does the product have the best quality possible? Does the installer have the workmanship to oversee each step to the finest detail? Are after-sales services being delivered? These questions all determine a project’s success.

We always follow up each case vigorously. From the bidding process, product and project managements to the turnkey process, we make sure each intent and request for a customised partition are overseen in the detail it deserves.  

Would you know to know more about JEB Partitions' offers?

Contact us and see how we can help

Q: How does JEB approach each project? Could you explain further?

A: When we seek out a project, we approach the responsible designers or architects directly. We emphasise on their design specifics and constraints, and showcase how JEB’s partition systems can contribute – JEB’s partition systems are known for their customisation, from handles, lock cases, cylinders, hinges to stoppers and drop seals. When we do so, we always demonstrate our capabilities with a set of shop drawings.

Once we are awarded a tender release, our representatives will hand over to the project team to oversee the entire site installation process. It takes different teams with unique capabilities to make our results possible.

Q: Is there an example?

A: We have recently completed a partition installation project for a global insurance company. Our team were challenged to come up with a plan with little time. Considering the scale of the project, accommodating multiple specifics with attention to detail has made the process quite formidable.

 The X-Series Partition System - same as the one used in the example

The X-Series Partition System - same as the one used in the example

Our success came from our product quality and product management services. Our talented installers and representatives were able to build trust with our project management partner. Products were chosen particularly to suit the project – double-glazed Integra and X-Series provided the acoustic performance, while maintaining the much-desired modern streamline sleekness.

We kept communications as clear as possible and insisted on delivering each component to the highest quality. It was particularly satisfying when we received an appreciation letter from them.

About the Author

Ricky Wong is the Senior Sales Manager for JEB Partitions. He is based in our Hong Kong office. 

JAF Stone

Rock-solid, majestic and powerful. The JAF Stone is our latest architectural finishing products carved from the limestone. Every JAF Stone surface is the result of centuries of geological processes from the earth's crusts. Now, your interior can possess the same majesty as the forces of nature. 


Marble Formation 

Marble is a metamorphic rock produced from limestone. The geological process involved pressure and heat in the earth crust. Pressures and temperatures are essential to produce this stone.  From these forces, fossils are eliminated and the texture of limestone is changed. 

Characteristics Of Marble

Marble is a stone with a firm crystalline structure and slight porosity. It can be polished to improve its lustre, making it a common and attractive stone for building applications. The restricted marble porosity, mainly when refined, makes it less susceptible to water damage. However, calcium carbonate, the main ingredient, is susceptible to acidic agents. The actual influence of acidic contact will vary with the kind of the acid. End-result from acid exposure could differ depending on solubility, and the influence on durability would vary.


The JAF Stone is majestic as it as unique. We can customise each product with any sort of limestone or marble available from nature. With that, you can create your own class and magnificence that are unique to the world. 

To find out more about JAF Stone collection, email and see how it could upgrade your interior. 


We are JEB: Q&A with Craig on International Mobility and Workplace Fitness

  Craig Nortje  is our Technical Director for JEB Funiture Solutions and an avid fitness lover

Craig Nortje is our Technical Director for JEB Funiture Solutions and an avid fitness lover

November 10, 2017 - Craig Nortje is our Technical Director for JEB Furniture Solutions, who has returned to JEB family after taking a break to pursue a fitness career. He has previously spent 4 years in JEB Furniture Solutions, and is thrilled to assume his current role.

Q: Tell us about your new role and you career path.

C: As a Technical Director, I will work very closely with suppliers in the whole project management process. I will also be supporting the Sales and Project teams in their daily operations.

Before moving to Hong Kong, I was based in South Africa, working predominantly as a Design and Production Engineer. Over the last ten years, I have held different positions in sales and operations. I took a sabbatical from the corporate world and began my endeavours in coaching and personal fitness. I am fascinated by effects working demands have on peoples’ fitness and general health, and conversely the effects of improved physical health have on work performance. I think we can do more to promote better interaction with our office furniture and educate clients with solutions for healthier work spaces.

Q: What were you previously doing at JEB?

C: My first role was being the Project Manager at JEB Furniture Solutions. Then I moved to the operations side as an Operation Manager, and later became General Manager from 2010 to 2013.

Q: What made you come back to JEB?

C: I had stayed in touch with some of the staff after I left, and was then fortunate enough to come back to the JEB office as the in-house fitness trainer. From there I got to see how the team had evolved, and it looked like a community I would like to be a part of. When a potential opening became available, I jumped right at it.

Q: Describe JEB's culture in your own words.

C: It’s a fantastic working environment and I feel that the people all have similar attitudes and share common goals. I like to look at how a company conducts its business and the people within the organisation. Having great products is also a plus. And JEB has all of the above.

Q: Lots of people in the office know you as the company's physical instructor. What was the little course you were running?

C: The course I ran was a general fitness workshop in the showroom after office hours. I have felt first-hand the benefits of fitness on my health and my state of mind. Our Managing Director, Rob, felt the same way too. That was why he thought it would be a good idea to offer this to JEB staff.

Q: Will the fitness classes continue?

C:It will continue in some form in the future, but still need to work out the details. Who knows, I might become the unofficial fitness director here as well!

JEB Australia x REDDIE Party – a blast in the name of fun and equality

JEB Australia x REDDIE Party – a blast in the name of fun and equality

Located in Surry Hills near the heart of the Sydney CBD, the JEB and REDDIE teams and interior designers and architects from across the country helped transform the showroom into their biggest night yet, to showcase their newest partner’s product portfolio, blending the lines between commercial and residential.

JEB Compac Surfaces

The JEB Compac Surfaces is a fusion where nature, emotion, social codes and science are connected - a stone from another planet. 


Carved with marble with various colours and styles, the series can be applied to surfaces on walls and floors, worktops as well as a variety of interior spaces and pieces of furniture. Israeli designer Arik Levy took his inspirations from the great frozen lakes of ice from the Arctic, where the surface can be flat and hard. The result imitates the sense of connection between different elements in everyday lives. 

"It is like the feeling of walking on it, walking on ice" he says in an interview, " it is everything about stability and fragility".

He hopes to achieve a sense of "emotional ergonomics" through connecting his own raw materials - intelligence, emotions, creativity - and the high-quality quartz. A timeless piece is thus created, and it is prehistoric as it is futuristic. 
Each product comes with a unique and natural vein, which captures the same geological events each rock has experienced in history. While having a unprecedented scale, veins can be customised for unique pieces or mass production. 



The white surface alludes with the ice sheets found in the Arctic. The veins amid the pure white marble capture the breathtaking majesty of our natural realms. The ICE WHITE can act as a sleek yet powerful surface or furniture piece in any interior. 



The ICE BLACK is a purely natural piece of craftsmanship. Its jet-black marble surface is juxtaposed with its wide an powerful veins. The result is surreal as it is practical - a timeless piece of rock-solid nature as your furniture or surface. 

To find out more about JEB Compac Surfaces collection, email and see how it could upgrade your interior.