JEB Echo Panel

JEB Architectural Finishes is pleased to introduce the latest collection of wall covering and acoustic tiles – JEB Echo Panel. This new series features an organic composition and can be easily installed. Read about each collection below.


Splice Tiles:

This latest acoustic tile collection has superior quality in sound absorption. It is composed entirely of PET, which over 60% of that are recycled materials. Rear of the tiles are made of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), making installation extremely simple.

The simple yet eye-catching linear patterns come in three styles and are all connectable: Splice 45, Splice 90 and Splice Arc. Splice Tiles will add a stylish yet practical touch to your interior. 


Terrain & Orbit:

The Terrain and Orbit selections are constituted by organic materials, offering a natural texture to the finishing. Their combination of 50% Flax and 50% polypropylene can effectively bring the essential green elements to any interior areas. 


To see samples and get inspirations, email us at to reserve a showroom visit.

JEB Forbo Flooring System

JEB Architectural Finishes is delighted to introduce their latest collection – JEB Forbo Flooring System. Since flooring takes an important part of our everyday activities, choosing the right covering can make a vital difference to the overall ambience. JEB Forbo Flooring System is available for both residential and commercial use. Read about each collection below.


Allura LVT Tiles:

This collection resembles the aesthetics of the old-fashion wooden tiles without the downsides. It uses advanced production technology so that the appearance of the floor remains as seamless as the day it was installed. The Allura Wood combines the ambience of wood with the advantages of strong & comfortable LVT. The end product is a wooden floor which does not crack or squeak.


Marmoleum Slate:

The Marmoleum is a purely natural linoleum flooring collection. This natural floor covering is sustainable, durable, and involves amazing high standard of quality. It contains the attractiveness and warmth contemporary floor design, while almost entirely made from natural raw materials and highly recyclable.


Flotex Flocked Flooring:

Flotex is a remarkable combination of hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient carpet. Its hygienic and completely-waterproof surface makes it the only truly washable textile floor. It gives you the warmth of a carpet while saving you the hassle.


Bulletin Board:

The renewed collection offers a practical, simple solution and platform to gather up ideas. It is an all-natural material that can be applied in framed or mounted pin boards or directly to the wall. Its surface is tactile & colourful, creating a decorative yet idea-stimulating element in your workspace.

To see samples and inspirations, email us at to reserve a showroom visit.

International industry leader, JEB, opens its first Australian showroom

The first JEB Australian showroom is now open in Sydney. This is the first time JEB’s furniture and world-class partitions ranges being permanently showcased since it made its presence in the country in 2011.


Housed in a heritage-listed building in the artistic Surry Hills district in Sydney, the new showroom displays JEB Partitions, JEB Furniture and JEB Custom Projects. It collaborates internationally with brands such as Koleksiyon (Turkey), Sedus (Germany), DUM Office (Amsterdam) along with a custom range of meeting room tables designed specifically for JEB Australia by renowned designer, Chris Hardy.

As demountable and acoustic partitions, high-quality commercial furniture and bespoke architectural features are available in one place, JEB is more accessible than ever to the architect and design industries in the country, making its ability to offer comprehensive services and products as one group unprecedented. The services support the entire project life cycle from specification consulting, drafting through to construction of the projects.


JEB’s Managing Director Rob Wall, originally from Perth now based in Hong Kong, and his business partner Paul Dingley agreed that the building, the city and the products are a perfect match - possibly their favourite of the 7 showrooms. “Living in Hong Kong, we just don’t have these kinds of buildings, so I am kind of jealous, but immensely proud too”, he said.

Recently the Sydney team has completed two very challenging projects under the leadership of General Manager Tim Burndred, and Sales Director Australia & New Zealand Justine Mantel along with a team of project managers delivering our projects.


The team supplied partitions for Lend Lease’s Headquarters in Barangaroo and the QT Hotel in Melbourne. Both solutions were incredibly complex and were customised by JEB’s internal industrial design teams. The team was also responsible for the showroom’s successful collaboration with world-class furniture brands Koleksion, Sedus and DUM Office, and serves clients such as Apple, QT Hotels, HSBC and more; their reputation for quality offerings and relationships is evident.

The JEB group is the proud result of over 20 years of experience in the industry. With three new showrooms opened this year alone - Beijing, Shanghai and Sydney - and Singapore upcoming, its global presence is set to grow. Visit the new space to see the exceptional products that are beautifully designed while highly practical.



JEB Group - Sydney Showroom

Email for visits and questions

Level 3
80 Wentworth Ave
Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Shanghai Showroom Opens Amid Celebrations


JEB Group marks another milestone as the Shanghai showroom was opened on 3 August amid celebration from members of the industry.

This opening also marks the third showroom opening in a row after the Sydney showroom opening in June and Beijing showroom in July.

Guests were eager to discover JEB’s latest inspirations and had a great time mingling with one another. Attendance was impressive as the signing board at the entrance was quickly filled with signatures.

The Shanghai showroom is a collaboration with architecture firm M Moser Associates. It features furniture from Vitra, Walter Knoll, HAY and stunning lighting from Waldmann. It showcases JEB’s best partitions and furniture combinations, and is set to demonstrate how office space could achieve functionality in multiple levels.

The original inspiration for the showroom was to create a destination for designers. The designing team believes that new offices should be haven for working and connection with others, while doubling as a social gathering place for events and small parties. The vision is to create an office space that is durable, flexible and attractive in the middle of the city.

The integration of JEB partitions and furniture brands is the heart of every process. The custom-made lighting accentuated the furniture as the focus of the display, and storage was considered as a part of the overall design.

The limitations from natural lighting and lack of ambiance from the outside surroundings gave rise to innovation. The showroom’s lighting has been redesigned to imitate natural lights coming in from different angles. A greenery in the middle of the showroom designated as the focus meeting point allows people to enjoy a different ambience without natural lighting.


The Shanghai showroom is located at Li Yuan Road in Huangpu district, and includes demos for executive office, meeting rooms and open work spaces. Please feel welcome to pay a visit anytime. 

JEB Group - Shanghai Showroom

Email for visits and questions

Unit 210/212,
Building A7,
Soho Liyuan,
No. 501 Liyuan Road,
Shanghai 200023, China


How we solved creating complex, custom pivot partitions for Lend Lease, Australia


Although JEB is celebrating our launch of our first Australian showroom in Sydney, Australia, we have been working with the Australian market for six years. We’re honoured to have been invited to work with some of the top architects and designers on the most exciting new builds in the country. One of our most recently completed projects, the new head offices for Lend Lease, featured a custom JEB Partition that pushed our engineering and problem-solving skills to create a product that lived up to the robust and inspired brief by Dave Whittaker from Hassel.

Dave Whittaker is the imaginative architect behind the previous Lend Lease head offices, completed in 2005. Timber pivot doors were the key feature in that design, and both the client and designer wanted to evolve this concept for their upcoming Barangaroo address. This brand new harborside business district in Sydney’s CBD showcases 3 large towers, each boasting new office working models, innovative designs and integrated technology. The Barangaroo site demanded that the interiors of the new Lend Lease space also push boundaries to match the modern location.

As a response to this, boardrooms were to be situated around the the perimeter of the building to take advantage of the 360-degree views. Two parallel walls and two semi-circular areas define the tower floor plan. To preserve the view and light to the interior work areas, yet offer optional privacy to the meeting spaces, each of the rooms needed to be enclosed with glazed partitions made of switchable glass that provided a high level of noise reduction. Most importantly, these partitions needed to pivot, rather than being constructed from your typical fixed window and door scenario so that the users could open up the space when no meeting was in session to tie the spirit of the previous office in conceptually. This brief was presented to the JEB team through a series of renders and verbal briefs. With no precedent for exactly how this would work and no formal plans, JEB’s Custom Projects’ team needed to engineer a solution that featured automatic, switchable glass partitions and a high acoustic rating - no small challenge.

During development of the 3m x 1.5m glass panels, both practical and technical challenges arose. Layout and safety were concerns due to the pivots, and acoustic mechanisms, glass functionality and locking devices also had to be solved. Over the span of 7 months, monthly face-to-face meetings with an international team, led by Tim Burndred, and Dave Whittaker were held and countless 3D printed models were made, tested, improved and reprinted.

To deal with the weight, as well as keeping the open doors from protruding into the central area or boardrooms too much, the pivot needed to be placed in the centre of the panel, rotating around a central axis. The edges of the partitions then needed to be modified to ensure the smooth closure of the swinging edge, to which JEB proposed interlocking “L” shaped frames. These pivots operate mechanically (rather than manually), so another practical concern was the safety of people or objects that might be within proximity of the door while in motion. Speed was the first concern, so testing helped determine a reasonable pace where the door was fast enough to be efficient but slow enough not to crush an intrusion with its momentum due to the weight. Once this was perfected, the team experimented with both hard and soft close options. Safe, logistically sound partitions were only the beginning of the brief, however.

Considering the high value of each panel, the switchable glass had to be treated with extra care to safeguard against the client or supplier or builder having to replace any of the panels at any stage of the design, installation or lifespan of the building. To ensure the client’s trust in the door and hedge against the risk of replacement, the glass, which is actually two fused pieces of glass sandwiching electric mechanisms that control the opaque and transparent appearance, were sealed on all the edges. This extra step is unheard of on smaller panels; it is well above the standard. However, the seal protected the switchable mechanisms to prevent costly damage.

Tolerances were another major issue with such dynamic elements, especially as the partitions were to be prefabricated and shipped from Beijing and needed to allow for adjustments on site plus any variance between the plans and installation realities. JEB worked with a fantastic builder, Cubic, who coordinated structural requirements in unison with the development of the door system. Cubic was a huge support in the design and development process, problem-solving issues such as seals and closure and opening requirements, (among other things) alongside JEB.

The most complex of all the obstacles was the issue of sound privacy for the meeting rooms, which was a non-negotiable feature. In order to block sound on a pivoting door, door seals needed to be created for all four sides: mechanically operated seals on top and bottom of each panel, interlocking seals on vertical edges. Sliding doors only require the side seals as the track can be developed to contain a sound barrier in the floor and ceiling cavities. Typically, a door’s acoustic properties can be improved with increasing the glazing from single to double, but with the panels already being so large and heavy, this wasn’t an option. To overcome this, JEB spent a lot of effort sourcing a specialty acoustic glass and arranged for a special lab test to be conducted by an acoustic lab in Hong Kong. JEB invited the client, Lend Lease JEB’s headquarters to witness the test firsthand not only to give the clients surety in the result but to invest in the relationship.

Ultimately, the highly challenging brief and incredible vision for the space came together with a stunning result. The space is incredibly unique, and the focus is on the modern, waterfront location and the client’s internal culture and history. The complex intricacies of the mechanics, acoustics, functionality and safety are invisible when appreciating the space, which is absolutely our highest achievement with this project. The beauty of the partitions contributes quietly to the incredible success of the overall design, which is the best possible outcome.

Beijing Showroom Opening

Another milestone in JEB’s rapid international development is accomplished as JEB Beijing newly renovated showroom is opening his doors to public.

We are proud to show our entire range of partition superstars & operable wall products combined with carefully selected pieces of our high-end furniture brands.

We have created symbiose of the finest executive spaces in contrast to that we are showing a mixed set-up of training/leisure combined with a flexible work space, which we call future of “modern office”. In a fast-changing office environment where people not only should work and fulfill their daily tasks, they should feel “a bit like home” says Maurice Lauber General Manager China at JEB.

Nowadays as stationary computers and fixed workstations clusters are belonging to the past our staffs should have freedom to work everywhere – sitting on Walter Knoll Healey Chair or enjoy pleasure of working out of Vitra Alcove sofa makes work life significantly more efficient.

Exactly this work style with showcase in our Beijing flagship Showroom.

Our JEB showroom provides 360-degree solutions to your distinguished workplace – Walter Knoll executive Manager/meeting rooms and VIP leisure setup to Vitra’s super flexible training and collaboration & workplace arrangements.

Of course, don’t miss our lighting champion Waldmann, which surely enlightens your office. We show state of the art Waldmann premium products from customized pendant lighting to standing lights. Come and visit and feel this amazing lighting spirit from THE engineers of light.

Please come to visit our new exciting place - our team would be delighted to welcome you. We are here to serve you at his best.

JEB Group - Beijing Showroom

Email for visits and questions

Room 1702,Tower C,
Grand Pacific Building,
No. 8, Guang Hua Road,
Chao Yang District,
Beijing 100026, China


JEB Mosaic


The superb of Mosaic is that they can bring so much personality to a space, energy and add a unique visual interest to your space with the superb new product from JEB Mosaic. Let your creativity make the rules: add personality and energy to a space with this unique product.

JEB Mosaics are made from various kind of materials: marble, natural stone, glass, ceramic and Mother of Pearl, Utilising different combinations of colors, pattern and texture to tell a story. Every Mosaic tells a unique story: a story of origin, a story of romance, or a story of inspiration. Multifunctional, patterned and durable, they are great pieces of art. 




Decorative and trendy, marble Mosaics look gorgeous customised with various patterns and textures. Because of the organic patterns in material, even a monochromatic composition has slight differences between each tile, which can be used for a variety of sophisticated effects.


Natural Stone & Glass


Showcase the simple, fine lines of some of the natural stones or play with texture and light reflection with the wide variety of glass available. Or mix and match them both to create vivid effects.


Porcelain & Mother of Pearl


For a ceramic option that is scratch resistant yet maintains a dream traditional feel, we also offer porcelain tiles. This pairs beautifully with the polished Mother of Pearl tiles, which brings a trendy iridescence and play of light into a JEB Mosaic.

To see samples and get inspired, email us at to reserve a showroom visit.

Sydney showroom launches Koleksiyon in our brand new showroom


Our new space in Sydney, Australia has been completed and looks incredible. Housed in a heritage-listed building in trendy Surry Hills, our new showroom displays our furniture and world-class partitions ranges. As our first major event, we launched Turkish furniture brand Koleksiyon over two VIP nights with special guest, Koray Malhan, Brand and Design Director.

Malhan has developed fluid design concepts to offer freedom and flexibility for the continuously changing work culture by studying the relationship between spaces and different generations. He re-thinks the workspace dynamics by synthesising his readings and studies in music, sociology, philosophy, semiology, architecture and linguistics with the main focus on people.

The evenings were a fantastic way to welcome our first guests into our space, and we were all inspired by Koleksiyon's unique way of thinking about solving design challenges. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the nights. We're looking forward to holding many more events and special guests in our Sydney space soon!

JEB Group - Sydney Showroom
Level 3 / 80 Wentworth Ave
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Email for tours and questions.


JEB Architectural Resins

JEB Architectural Finishes is so excited to add another incredible product to our vast library called JEB Architectural Resins. This line is divided into different collections: encapsulated material, faux stone and deep textures. More on each collection below.

This collection contains more than 25 pieces of standard variations is also available to customise making the application options even more exciting. Talk to us about customising your own resins to become your ideal product

JEB Architectural Resins: Encapsulated

The Encapsulated collection is created by pouring resin over various materials creating a sheet with unparalleled depth and clarity. You might find (Laser cut aluminium, recycled materials, organic flowers or plant matter) beautifully preserved in these glass-like sheets. This collection is perfect for partitions screens and lighting applications.

JEB Architectural Resins: Monolithic

Designed to mimic natural stone, we love how this collection also modifies this usually opaque material to have a beautiful translucent quality, which lends nicely to backlighting. Like all the collections, these resin surfaces are easy to install, has a stain resistant surface and can be refinished later on if the material needs to be freshened up or a design is modified.

JEB Architectural Resins: Textures

A deeply textured finish which cannot be achieved in other kinds of translucent materials is now an option with JEB Architectural Resins. As with all the resin collections, the textured options can be used and stored in outdoors; its lightweight nature lends itself to exciting exterior applications. This collection can be customised in a variety of colours, allowing for your unique design to come to life on your project.

The resistance of resins is strong. It is durable, waterproof, light and the manufacturing cost is low. With all the collections and various unique features and customisation opportunities, we believe this product is an essential tool for designers and architects.

To see samples and get inspired, drop us an email for showroom visit reservation.

Visit our website to see more JEB Architectural Finishes

QT Hotel Melbourne

QT Hotel Melbourne

Designer: Shelley Indyk @ Indyk Architects

Builder: Built Constructions, Melbourne

Key dates:

  • Brief: 2014
  • Development: 2014-2015
  • Installation: January 2016
  • Completion: May 2016
  • Review: June 2016

Scale: 197 rooms, prefabricated and packaged per room                 

JEB departments/people involved:

Tim Burndred, Project lead,
Stephen Butt, Hei Tong Design Leads,
Rick Tang, TL Lee Production Management

Industry: Hospitality

Market: Australia


A bespoke solution for Melbourne’s ultimate hotel experience

QT Hotels are the ultimate boutique stayover experience. Their newest location, QT Melbourne, is “perfectly groomed and immaculately accessorised”, it “shimmers within the high-end fashion district of Australia’s most creatively charged city”. ( Guests find that play, discovery, modernity, fascination and surprise are complementary, and for non-guests, Melbourne is be all the more enviably glamorous for it. However, this luxury project wasn’t as effortless as its mantra of “…Dress up and play”. Genius design headed up by Shelley Indyk of Indyk Architects and thoughtful collaborative planning made this project a reality, and JEB couldn’t be more proud to be part of the process and the result.

A main feature in the 197 stunning suites are bathrooms walls constructed of opaque, textured glass panels in industrial metal frames, rather than a traditional gypsum wall with tiled surfaces. These partitions glow under the striking light fixtures and ground the overall room’s design. The JEB Custom Projects team developed a bespoke solution with Indyk that references European warehouses and cafes of the early twentieth century. The original brief was to replicate this strong aesthetic in steel, however, as the partition was to be used both as a wall and door, designed to look like one surface, weight was a serious issue. To bring this project in on time and within budget, as well as to promote the rolling capabilities, JEB felt that aluminium was the best choice. The aluminium variation is about half the weight of a steel counterpart and allowed JEB to provide an extended warranty for the product, as the partitions won’t be strained with extended use.

In order to substitute the metals, we needed to ensure our aluminum partitions convincingly looked like steel in the detailing, so we modified several aspects of our typical manufacturing process to achieve this. In the steel originals, the frames were a result of necessity; the glass panel sizes were restricted due to manufacturing abilities at the time.  Bold looking frames weren’t an aesthetic choice, but a functional one, holding in the small panes of glass. To replicate the details that convince the eye of the nostalgia, we welded all the joints, which certainly is not necessary with this material but would achieve the forged steel look. We also increased the corner radius of the frames from 0.5mm to 2mm to give the worn-in sentiment. Another incident where we flipped our typical procedure was when considering the colour and texture. Old steel windows and doors have a mottled, rough colour quality, yet our aluminium is very smooth and sleek. To match this detailing, the frames were manufactured and welded first and then received a powder coating, letting the colour get in all the joints and gaps, emulating the raw originals.

Each frame holds 3 panels of glass, which also were selected to suit the industrial look. However, finding a way to keep the walls private and elegantly integrate a basin mirror were challenges we had to solve. Standard patterned glass is still quite translucent, and given that this was a bathroom, privacy was absolutely essential. To improve the opaque quality, the back side of the glass panels were acid etched to provide a second texture and impairment of vision, without blocking the light from moving between the bathroom and living space. Innovative treatments to the flat side of the glass also provided a unique solution to the second issue. A mirror was required over the basin, and rather than affix the mirror to the glass and metal wall, JEB cleverly treated the glass panel with a mirror finish to incorporate this function directly into the partition. The lighting design in the bathrooms is another strong feature. By developing smart solutions for the glass functionality, nothing distracts from the gorgeous glowing fixtures and the room overall is well lit, private, and stunning.

During this project, JEB’s head office in Hong Kong was relocated to a new showroom which allowed for a partitions workshop with a state-of-the-art 3D printer where the industrial design team could develop, print, test, and revise in rapid design sprints. All the wishes of the designer could be addressed in an agile manner, typically rare when dealing with metal manufacturing. The design, production and fabrication for the QT Hotel products all occurred in Hong Kong with our trusted suppliers and capable in-house team.  As an added consideration, each room’s partition system was packed in its own box, minimising the complexity of installation and aiding in the speed of the work – ultimately keeping the builder’s’ costs as low as possible.  A personal walk through with the architect and builder was initiated by JEB after completion to debrief on the result so that our product and service can be continually improved.

With the QT Hotel Perth underway, JEB is incredibly excited to be continuing to customise our partitions and high end architectural finishes for hospitality applications. Through the collaborative effort of our in-house Custom Projects teams with architects, builders and interior designers, a gorgeous result that is functional, high quality and modern is always the result.

Read more:

Image by QT hotels

JEB | vitra partnership

JEB and Vitra are extremely excited about the commencement of an official partnership in Asia.

Together we will be opening showrooms and working with major clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Our partnership which combines JEB’s partitions and Vitra’s furniture, provides clients with a world class solution to suit their corporate requirements.

We are proud to be working together and look forward to many successful years ahead. Please contact us for more details

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