L’ÉCOLE, the School of Jewellery Arts

L’ÉCOLE, the School of Jewellery Arts


Step inside L’ÉCOLE, the School of Jewellery Arts in Shanghai, and experience the magical ambiance that JEB has created within its premises. Situated at the Twin Villas, a stunning neoclassical mansion in Shanghai, this campus spans 2000 square metres, featuring four storeys across two buildings and a beautiful and garden. Beyond its role as an… Continue reading L’ÉCOLE, the School of Jewellery Arts


Check out Ipsen, the global bio-pharmaceutical leader’s new life sciences headquarters in Shanghai, where JEB Group’s high-performing acoustic partitions and furniture range were integrated to create a cohesive and visually stunning workspace. Ipsen’s office is meticulously colour-coordinated with their brand identity, creating an immersive experience for employees and visitors alike. Renowned furniture brands like Vitra, Muuto, Lexta, and Sedus were selected to… Continue reading IPSEN

Jing Tian & Gong Cheng Office

Jing Tian Gong Cheng Law Firm located in the bustling CBD area in Beijing, JTGC wanted to optimise their office space and efficiency. JEB Beijing team worked alongside with Sea-Matrix and Interior Designer, Fabio, to install JEB’s high acoustic performing X-Series double glazed partition to ensure the utmost in privacy and discretion. The larger conference… Continue reading Jing Tian & Gong Cheng Office