Keypiece Communication Desk

Product Type
Executive Desk
Walter Knoll
Price Range
Lead Time
18-20 Weeks


Whether in a corporate setting or a home office, this economical table frees up space. Generous and space-saving at the same time – with this flexible desk, an additional conference table is superfluous. It is designed according to needs: idea generation, self-organisation – and offers plenty of free space for thinking and discussion.

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Hong Kong China Singapore

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Height(mm) 74-122
  • Width(mm) 362
  • Depth(mm) 237.4-1220

Materiality MDF desk tops, 28 mm thick, in two different geometries: boat-shaped or trapezoidal. The shape of the desk makes it possible to balance proximity and distance. There are two edge designs: advanced, with a chamfered edge, and soft, with a gently flowing edge. Choose from legs made of aluminum in the three variants highly polished, matt powder-coated black and bronze, or alternatively panel legs in fine-textured paint.

Functionality Electromotive height adjustment is possible with panel legs.

The Container and Media Hub provide space for modern media and personal tools. The pedestal comes in two versions: Executive Container with embrace and optional sliding cover, and Classic Container. The pedestals provide space for technical equipment and personal utensils.

Colours & Materials
Table Frame Swatches
  • jeb jeb jeb Black (Metal)
  • jeb jeb jeb Grey(Metal)
  • jeb jeb jeb White (Metal)
Table Top Swatches
  • jeb jeb Black Oak
  • jeb jeb Cherry
  • jeb jeb Light Grey
  • jeb jeb Mahogany
  • jeb jeb Maple
  • jeb jeb Oak
  • jeb jeb Walnut Dark
  • jeb jeb Walnut Light
  • jeb jeb White


Sustainability and quality “Made in Germany” have been key company principles at Sedus for more than 50 years. These principles are embodied in Sedus temptation prime and reflected in the way we work: designing products which are recyclable, using ecologically tested materials, conserving resources, being energy-aware in our manufacturing and conducting ongoing quality tests. Native real wood veneers. A fascinatingly beautiful and environmentally friendly base material from sustainably managed forests. Innovative laser edging. Seamless edge processing of the highest quality creates a durable, attractive and environmentally friendly end product. Powder coating instead of paint finish. We employ eco-friendly and higher quality powder coating for finishing and protecting against rust.

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