What is a Cabin

What is a Cabin

17 Jan 2023
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JEB Group has partnered with Michael Young Studio to present the Cabin, a multi-functional and soundproof space designed to promote wellness in the workplace. With switchable glass panels, the Cabins are perfect for meetings, phone calls, or casual conversations. Interiors include indirect LED lighting and air circulation with an “Airgle” air purifier, promoting a sense of wellbeing. Eco-friendly materials are used, such as recycled PET bottles for the exterior and formaldehyde-free, 100% recycled eco board for the tables.

In collaboration with Michael Young Studio, JEB Group is proud to present Cabin – multi person and single person options provide the right solutions for any space.


Each Cabin creates a secluded and soundproof space so that perfect silence within a buzzing office environment is possible. Acoustic materials were meticulously chosen so that the structures provide optimal sound privacy, while offering a professional aesthetic to be easily integrated into any office.

By design, the Cabins are multi-functional. With the option of switchable glass panels, tasks that require privacy or focus can occur in an atmosphere of tranquility. The conference room system provides a setting where meetings, phone calls or casual conversations can be held, whereas the single cabin provides a space saving booth for individual tasks such as phone or video calls.


Despite having their own respective uses, each cabin is designed with comfort and practicality in mind, making them a necessity for any office. The interiors of the Cabins are specially created so that a sense of holistic wellbeing is promoted while at the workplace.

Indirect LED lights provide ambience while also being built to last. In-built fans pull air into the structures, ensuring proper yet silent air circulation. Once inside, the air is purified by an “Airgle” air purifier. This air purifier has a patented 3-step air filtration system that removes 99.95% of airborne pollutants including viruses. Soft lighting, filtered air and a good ventilation system ensures an all-round feeling of wellness, sure to relax, re-energize or refocus individuals.


Designed with sustainable innovation at the forefront of the creative process, the Cabin incorporates responsibly sourced elements and eco-friendly fixtures. The exteriors of both structures are comprised of custom-designed Michael Young patterned EchoPanel, made of recycled PET bottles and produced in Australia. Constructed using rice husk, the tables in both single and conference room systems are formaldehyde-free and made of 100% recycled eco board. The floor coverings are made of sisal, a natural fiber that is durable, strong and eco-friendly. In the conference room system, the interior cushion is made of locally sourced and bio-degradable materials.