Office Furniture Trends in 2020

Office Furniture Trends in 2020

21 Dec 2022
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In modern workspaces, there is a relevant portion of employees that no longer work in fixed traditional workstations. As companies are creating more informal meeting spaces, it is important to evaluate the furniture selection process. How does office furniture position itself with the rapid change of workplace strategy?

Here are some of the office furniture trends we will continue to notice in the year ahead:

“Resimercial” Design

Offices will likely become more residential to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that can help improve productivity. Resimercial design will be bringing aspects of home into the workspace. Breakout furniture, including soft upholstered sofas and stools, will be incorporated into workspaces. The Vitra Soft Work sofa is the epitome of bringing home to the office. The sofa creates a working environment around desks with seating comfort.

Eco-frIendly Furniture Materials

Brands will continue to strive for sustainability and select materials that will help reduce waste and carbon footprint. The Holmris B8 Viper is a sustainable chair that is made from regenerated Scandinavian PP plastic. It is designed to be fully disassembled and all of the parts can be reused to create new Viper chairs. This circular-economy focus extends the life of the resources used to create the chair.


While open offices offer various benefits, including social interaction and knowledge sharing, noise pollution and interferences that occur will pose a negative impact on concentration and productivity. Office furniture that is composed of sound-absorbing material can help improve acoustics and create a private hub for open areas.


Ergonomic swivel chairs will continue to be a popular furniture item in the office. It offers flexibility and encourages movement while working. Selecting chairs that can help promote good posture and offer various height adjustment options is an ergonomic choice for agile working environments.

To accommodate modern workspaces that are flexible and mobile, furniture brands will continue to develop new and innovative systems that can help create a comfortable, sustainable and efficient work environment.

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