Pici Taikoo Place

Pici Taikoo Place

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Pirata Group’s Pici has opened its 10th restaurant on the ground floor of Lincoln House in Taikoo Place, and it is the group’s largest location yet. The new restaurant offers a warm, open, South Italian, al fresco dining experience that guests are sure to love. One of the standout features of the new location is the custom-built facade featuring bi-fold doors and picture frame mullions, designed, fabricated, and installed by JEB Custom Projects.

JEB Custom Projects is known for its design-led, scalable solutions, and unique architectural features that bring projects to life. For the Pici project, JEB Custom Projects partnered with Pirata Group‘s interior design team, Archie Haig and Jonny Moreland, to achieve their creative vision. From concept to creation, JEB Custom Projects provided design, fabrication, and specialist installation services to ensure the facade was a standout feature of the new restaurant.

The custom-built facade not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant, but it also offers functional benefits. The bi-fold doors and picture frame mullions allow for the façade to be opened up, creating an indoor-outdoor space that is perfect for al fresco dining. This design element provides Pici’s guests with a unique and enjoyable dining experience that is sure to be a hit.

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