JEB Acoustic Partitions Arrives in the UK 

JEB Acoustic Partitions Arrives in the UK 

27 Nov 2023

 [London, UK –  27th Nov 2023] – JEB Acoustic Partitions is excited to announce its official launch in the United Kingdom and is proud to showcase our products in The Collective showroom, renowned specialists in office acoustics in the UK. 

The arrival of JEB Acoustic Partitions in the UK represents a significant milestone for both companies. The presence of JEB’s products in The Collective showroom, a leading name in the field of office acoustics, aims to provide visitors with an immersive experience and promises to redefine the way businesses approach acoustic solutions. 

Witness the seamless integration of our high-performance acoustic partition system with the elegant, eco-friendly PET panels by The Collective, Woven Image and responsibly designed fabric-wrapped acoustic panels from Re.Wrap.   

In today’s modern workplace, acoustics have taken on a pivotal role. Noise levels and sound quality can greatly impact productivity and employee well-being. With JEB Acoustic Partitions’ high-performing, lab-tested acoustic partitions system, businesses can effectively absorb sound, minimize distractions, and foster a more efficient and harmonious work atmosphere. 

Sam Beere, Group Chief Operating Officer & Vice President (Europe/ UK) of JEB, is ready to assist you in transforming your commercial space in the UK. To schedule a consultation or inquire about our acoustic solutions, please contact Sam Beere at info.uk@jebgroup.com

For more information about JEB Acoustic Partitions and The Collective’s collaboration, please visit https://jebgroup.com/.. 

About JEB Acoustic Partitions 

JEB Acoustic Partitions is a leading provider of high-performance acoustic solutions for modern workspaces. With a strong commitment to sound quality and aesthetics, JEB Acoustic Partitions offers a wide range of products and services designed to transform commercial environments into harmonious and productive spaces. For more information, please visit https://jebgroup.com/. 

About the Collective 

The Collective is a renowned name in the field of office acoustics, with a proven track record of delivering effective solutions to businesses in the UK. Their expertise in creating acoustically- optimized workspaces has made them a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance employee well-being and productivity. The Collective are the exclusive UK distributor of Woven Image, the manufacturer of the pioneer of recycled PET EchoPanel® made from 60% recycled plastic.  

For more information, please visit https://www.thecollective.agency/ 

Press Contact: 

Jenifer Mccombie, Regional Head of Marketing and Client Services