Duo++ Meeting Booth

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Breakout Area, Find Fair Collection, Meeting Pod, Sustainable Furniture
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Lead Time
7-9 Weeks


A flexible meeting room innovated for the modern open workstyle.

Kolo Duo features a modular design that accommodates up to 4 people per unit. The configuration can be extended into Duo+ with two units and Duo++ with three units to provide a more formal meeting venue for up to 8 people. The space can be used as a meeting/conference room, a workstation, or a personal resting space. Kolo Duo is adaptable to any open-plan workspace to meet your needs.

Available in

Hong Kong

Product Details

Product Specification
  • Duo (Exterior, Interior, Weight) W220 x D122 x H 225 cm, W207 x D111 x H 211 cm, 511 kg
  • Duo+ (Exterior, Interior, Weight) W220 x D233 x H 225 cm, W207 x D222 x H 211 cm, 724 kg
  • Duo++ (Exterior, Interior, Weight) W220 x D345 x H 225 cm, W207 x D333 x H 211 cm, 937 kg
  • Acoustic Solution Meets ISO 10534-2 acoustic standard.
  • Simple Assembly & Mobility Modular design
  • LED Light with Motion Sensor Adjustable brightness from 1800 lumens, Colour temperature controlled from 2700k to 6500k
  • Ventilated Space Quiet fans
  • Selection of Power and IT Modules UL rated power outlet and 10 ft power cord. Input: 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz. Output: DC 5V, 2.1A.

Origin: Netherlands

Acoustic Solution

Made with class-leading soundproofing materials and structural detailing to mitigate noise.

Personalised Lighting

Adjustable LED light brightness and temperature with automatic motion detector.

The LED lights are dimmable from 1800 lumens. The colour temperature can be controlled in the range of 2700 to 6500K.

Ventilated Space

Custom-designed airflow vents provide constant natural air circulation.

The controlled airflow details of the ventilation fans in each Kolo model are in the table.

Built-in Charging

User-friendly charging ports placed at table level for easy access.

UL and CE certified charging station with two AC outlets, two USB chargers and one CAT-6 port.
Input: 110-240 VAC, 10.1 A, 50-60 Hz.
Output: DC 5V, 2.1A.

Move with Ease

Kolo booths are equipped with levelling feet that can be lowered to access the rollers for horizontal movement.

This feature provides the flexibility to move the booth easily in a workspace when needed.


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