Our Circular Economy Solutions

We have introduced innovative green solutions to make properties, spaces and companies more sustainable and to help them achieve their environmental targets.

Discover how our sustainable office solutions and products can reduce your carbon emissions without compromise.

About SOS & S+S

Asia First Sustainable Asset Management - Sustainable Office Solutions

Sustainable Office Solutions (SOS) is a specialised business that works with corporations, landlords, property managers and developers to facilitate responsible reuse, donation and redistribution of their office’s unwanted furniture and assets. Office relocation and renovation generates a huge amount of landfill from furniture and equipment that can be reused. We find sustainable, circular pathways for these items that ensure the furniture is put to use via donation, resale, upcycling or responsible recycling to generate sustainable results that are positive, tangible and can be measured.

The Ultimate Sustainable Hand Sanitising Solution - Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound (S+S) provides sustainable, service-based hygiene solutions, such as alcohol-free sanitisers which are cruelty free, vegan free, and kills 99.9% of viruses including Covid-19 & SARS and bacteria, as well as sanitising dispensers. Safe & Sound utilises a circular economy model to ensure that the materials, fulfilment, storage, reuse and recycling produce the lowest possible impact on the environment.