The ECO Door’s clean contemporary aesthetic is matched with Its high performance acoustic properties of STC 36. With no glass cut-outs or coloured back glass , the ECO Door offers a seamless, sleek appearance as a competitive price.


The X10D system is convenient and easy-to-install. Available in 9 different mix-and-match profiles, X10D offers limitless, transformable possibilities and configurations. This innovative system has specifically been designed to accommodate challenging sites with unlevelled floors & ceilings, as well as to help save you valuable, on-site construction time. ​


With recording studio soundproofing standards as a benchmark, JEB’s design team created the Studio Door series. and comes in both double and single glazed options. The door profiles are ultra slim and lightweight creating a stylish and contemporary office environment The in-house designed Studio Door series offering a high acoustic performance of up to STC… Continue reading STUDIO DOOR


PLUS is JEB’s first collaboration with world-renowned architect KplusK and integrates art and function to create spaces that accommodate individual preferences. With its elegance, refined details and exceptionally high acoustic performance, PLUS is ahead of its time and will remain a classic for years to come.


SUMMIT reflects JEB’s pledge to innovation. The slim-frame acoustic sliding doors come with quality guaranteed ISO-certified laboratory tests. Its minimal extrusions allow contractors to install the system with complete ease. When compared to JEB’s previous sliding door designs, the Summit double glazed door delivers the highest STC rating among all. Not only does the system… Continue reading SUMMIT SLIDING DOOR


The INTEGRA operable wall system offers refined aesthetics and provides a stunning backdrop to sophisticated spaces while meeting stringent acoustic performance standards. INTEGRA offers flexibility to create open workspaces, with options of both solid and double-glazed panels and Both the solid and glass walls are connected by carefully designed vertical stiles with two-way and three-way… Continue reading INTEGRA