The X-SERIES highlights the glass component of a partition and minimises the aluminum frames to create a very lightweight and contemporary appearance. A beautifully beveled door frame integrates seamlessly with adjacent glass panels. X-SERIES answers all the design and technical criteria required of an office.


SUMMIT reflects JEB’s pledge to innovation. It features single and double-glazed partitions, slim-frame acoustic sliding doors, with quality guaranteed by ISO-certified laboratory tests. Its minimal extrusions allow contractors to install the system with ease.


Brooklyn evokes the charm of historic architecture through high contrast frames and subtle detailing, yet is tailored to fit into modern interiors. Achieve an industrial look and feel with this unique, high performance design. Brooklyn abolishes the need for plain and uninspiring office partitions that are commonly used to divide space. Taking inspiration from the… Continue reading BROOKLYN


PLUS integrates art and function to create spaces that accommodate individual preferences. With its elegance, refined details and exceptionally high acoustic performance, PLUS is ahead of its time and will remain a classic for years to come.


The STACKADE System is a unique sliding, space dividing solution which can efficiently and effectively transform your workplace. Its contemporary aesthetic and easy-to-use cascading panels have been designed to ensure maximum acoustic performance. This new system utilizes floor tracks to provide a dynamic, user-friendly alternative to the operable wall and allows you to quickly create… Continue reading STACKADE


The GT consists of ultra-slim and contemporary glass panels. This composition guarantees the tranquility, privacy, and sleekness that employees nowadays seek. While door hinges are specifically designed to ensure maximum acoustic performances, the ultra-slim glass panels give a modern look to any office through natural lighting and transparency.