Wendy Tang - JEB Furniture Solutions Director (Hong Kong)


Wendy Tang - JEB Furniture Solutions Director (Hong Kong)

As the Director of JEB Furniture Solutions, Wendy oversees the daily operations of the business and implements business strategies to optimize the overall growth of the Furniture division. Prior to her promotion, Wendy has worked as a Sales Director and General Manager at JEB Furniture Solutions. Her proven ability and achievements over the past twelve years have led her to her current position at JEB.

With over fifteen years of experience and extensive knowledge in the premium furniture industry, Wendy’s expertise spans across sales management, strategic planning, and client relationship management. She has dealt with countless large-scale projects with some of the largest corporations and public utilities within Asia.

Wendy is a proactive and responsible individual that enjoys her work and has a positive mindset. She is quick-witted and is adept at understanding others intentions and needs.  Her key to success to be able to learn from mistakes, to find your strength and passion and strive towards it. Her goal at JEB is to maintain its strong presence in the furniture industry and to continue to expand the business to new markets.

LinkedIn: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/wendy-tang-0b312791