Charlie Pearson - JEB Furniture Solutions Sales Director (Singapore)


Charlie Pearson - JEB Furniture Solutions Sales Director (Singapore)

As the Sales Director for the Furniture division in Singapore, Charlie develops and implements numerous sales strategies to help strengthen the business within the industry. Over the past three years, he has established a broad network of clients, architects, and designers and built long-lasting partners with local and leading European furniture brands. He emphasises on building and training a team with like-minded and hardworking individuals that are committed to working effectively within all departments.

Charlie obtained an honors degree in Music at the University of Leeds and subsequently moved to London upon completion of his studies. During this period, he has gained ten years of professional experience working within various Sales & Technical design-related roles.

In 2014, Charlie joined JEB Furniture Solutions as a Sales Manager working on medium to large scale projects, from commercial office to hospitality in Hong Kong. His proven ability and achievements have led him to his current role as the Sales Director of the newly formed Furniture division in Singapore. Over the past three years, the team has accomplished project milestones and achievements against formidable competitors within the industry. They have tripled in size and succeeded in exclusively partnering with two of Europe’s largest furniture manufacturers and created a joint showroom venture, which is proving to be highly successful.

Charlie is a creative, outgoing, charismatic and hardworking individual that strives for success no matter the odds. He has a natural ability to work in teams and tries to see the best in people and situations, regardless of background or circumstance. His powerful business mindset has made him a great problem solver through projects and live scenarios. “One of my key focal points for our business is to communicate effectively and consistently delivering exceptional services to all our clients. I believe that a big part of this positive mindset lends itself to achieving a healthy way of living and wellbeing.” Charlie expresses.

His key to success is to be true to yourself and to maintain a healthy body and mind. His goal at JEB is to continue to bring new business opportunities to JEB Singapore and to secure its top position within the commercial furniture industry. While working alongside furniture brands that emphasize on sustainable development, he hopes to bring JEB on the frontline and drive this awareness within Asia. He would also like to harness the best attributes of the people that come to work for JEB and to give them a platform to strive for their own personal goals and towards the company’s success.