Apple Lui - JEB Group Business Development Manager (Hong Kong)


Apple Lui - JEB Group Business Development Manager (Hong Kong)

As the Business Development Manager at JEB Group, Apple maintains a strong working relationship with existing and potential clients. She focuses on developing and implementing strategic business plans to increase the company businesses by expanding new markets and improving client services. 

Prior to joining JEB, Apple worked at a premium office ergonomics brand where her natural ability and interest in communication and relational skills flourished.She was responsible for facilitating communications between the sales and operations managers in APAC, Europe and the US. Progressively, she took on a client-facing role internally where her professional and interpersonal skills refined even further. She delivered wellbeing presentation to the architecture and design industry also to the clients in multinational corporations in Hong Kong.  

Started her career as an interior designer and having studied in both the US and Hong Kong, Apple is a creative and vibrant individual who likes to connect with different people. She is passionate about music, art, dancing, and cooking. As a travel enthusiast, she appreciates the beauty of cultural differences and loves trying new experiences. Inspired to live healthily and happily, she pays close attention to her mental and physical health and shares this mentality with the others.

Apple’s key to success is to find the passion that motivates you. She believes it is important to be disciplined, proactive and open-minded with perseverance in order to achieve success continuously. Her goal at JEB is to creatively develop effective strategies to open doors to generate new business opportunities and strengthen relationships with business partners and clients.