Gemma Bainbrigge - JEB Furniture Sales Support (Australia)


Gemma Bainbrigge - JEB Furniture Sales Support (Australia)

We are proud to welcome our latest member of the JEB Australia family - Gemma Bainbrigge. She will be supporting Justine Mantel in JEB's sales effort in the country. 

Gemma started her career as an interior designer for 9 years, where she has worked in multiple firms across Sydney focusing on residential and hospitality projects. After moving on and ran a successful florist for almost 5 years, Gemma decided to sell the business to dedicate more time to her family. 

When not too busy having fun with her latest hobby of chasing her beautiful kids around at home, she enjoys sipping it away with a well-mixed Negroni, or winding down with a nice Japanese meal (though both may happen at the same time). 

In the realm of design and sales, one trusts those who could cook. With Gemma's hidden talent in one-handed cooking, we know JEB Australia is in good hand(s) -no pun intended.