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We are JEB - Q&A with Zheng Xiung on Partitions and Servicing Chinese Clients


Our General Manager in Shanghai Zheng Xiung Tien shares how he helps our clients create the right interior and how to provide the best service

China’s demands in the office space have been changing. With China’s continuous proliferation of open workspaces, many companies have been adopting open and agile offices. However, things are never straightforward. The necessity to adapt to multiple complexities make forging trust equally important to professional expertise in the quest of staying ahead of the competition.

Our Shanghai General Manager Zheng Xiung Tien is here to share with us his experience in servicing key Mainland Chinese architectural or designer clients

Q: What have Chinese clients been looking for in the past 5 years and what has changed?

Most top Chinese companies have either developed or are developing their own identities. Rather than imitating multi-national corporations, they would take time to discover their positioning and style. So, when approaching our Chinese clients, we always offer a combination of local and imported products to cater the demand for localisation.

Q: What clients look for (e.g. styles, functionality) and what are their concerns (e.g. cost, lead-time, authenticity)?

Acoustic performance remains a vital factor. Though office trends have been focusing on openness and agility, certain areas need to remain boarded for discussing confidential topics. Another common challenge is lead-time. Delivering each partition component on time has always been challenging.

In face of such challenges, I believe that JEB’s focus on expertise and service is our true differentiation. Clients benefit from the high-quality project management and after-sales services, and each product is customised exactly to the client’s style and intention. We also maintain a long-term relationship with them after the project. Also, our inventory system is designed to reserve relevant items internally for each project. With that, we have been meeting our lead-times quite well.

I will credit our success to our local spearhead team’s diversity and expertise. All our sales consultants have the relevant background, which guarantees our knowledge about design and the industry. Also, I think my German-born background allows me to easily interact with most of the European and Chinese communities here.


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Q: What is the key to success for servicing Chinese projects?

Being professional is imperative – which means being fast and flexible. Design specifications can keep changing. Our sales team take tremendous effort to fully understand each project’s intent and all relation involved. Through that, we coordinate clients and project managers, and this is vital for ensuring a smooth project. And again, providing the right mixture of local-Chinese and important components is also key.

Q: How has JEB solved it so far? Any indicator of success?

The client is our number-one priority. So, we strive to always be one step ahead of the client. At the same time, we continuously develop our relationship with the partitions’ end-user to minimise any miscommunication between different parties. By liaising with both the end-user and architects, each party could stay connected with the project and understand what JEB has to offer.

Here are some of the project that JEB team in China has delivered to our clients

Q: How would you summarise JEB’s strength in adding value to China’s partition market?

I would give my credits to our team’s flexibility in customising products, quick feedback and open communication, top-notch key products, and variety available. I also think that the fact we only do direct sales makes our service more direct and personalised.

About the Author

Zheng Xiung Tien is our General Manager in Shanghai. 

You can find out more about JEB’s partition systems, visit his LinkedIn profile or contact him directly.


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We are JEB: Q&A with Ricky on the Impact from the Right Partitions

Ricky Wong has worked on all sorts of partition projects with an array of clients. He now shares the essences of managing a partition project and how JEB has made a difference.

Q: What makes a good office partition system?

A: One concept we find very handy when approaching any project is that every office is different. There is no “one size fits all” strategy or design in partitions. You need to have a clear understanding of the design and technical criteria of the office in question, understand what is required at each step and provide the right customisation.  

Take JEB’s Integra as an example. Its operable walls offer a refined aesthetics while being stringently acoustic. This flexibility explains why this office partition system is so favourable among our clients.

Q: What key features do clients look for?

A: From my experience, clients are increasingly fond of a streamline design with high acoustic performance. They are also curious on what colour ranges are available for the glass panel system. Some would go further and request that no visible mullion to be seen at the glass joints. Standards for styles have definitely gone up in my opinion.

The JEB Integra Office Partition System

The JEB Integra Office Partition System

Many a client has asked about our X-Series and Integra partitions ranges for this purpose. With minimum aluminium framing, glass panel systems in multiple shapes and customisable hinges, these lines have long been servicing the demand for specific office partition installations – not to mention our vintage Brooklyn line.

Q: Have the requirements from clients changed over the years?

A: From my observation, there is definitely an emphasis on price economy and short lead time. Project managers want high quality of work delivered, quicker and cheaper.

Q: What is the secret in building a good partition system?

A: The secret to a successful partition system lies in the details. Does the product have the best quality possible? Does the installer have the workmanship to oversee each step to the finest detail? Are after-sales services being delivered? These questions all determine a project’s success.

We always follow up each case vigorously. From the bidding process, product and project managements to the turnkey process, we make sure each intent and request for a customised partition are overseen in the detail it deserves.  

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Q: How does JEB approach each project? Could you explain further?

A: When we seek out a project, we approach the responsible designers or architects directly. We emphasise on their design specifics and constraints, and showcase how JEB’s partition systems can contribute – JEB’s partition systems are known for their customisation, from handles, lock cases, cylinders, hinges to stoppers and drop seals. When we do so, we always demonstrate our capabilities with a set of shop drawings.

Once we are awarded a tender release, our representatives will hand over to the project team to oversee the entire site installation process. It takes different teams with unique capabilities to make our results possible.

Q: Is there an example?

A: We have recently completed a partition installation project for a global insurance company. Our team were challenged to come up with a plan with little time. Considering the scale of the project, accommodating multiple specifics with attention to detail has made the process quite formidable.

The X-Series Partition System - same as the one used in the example

The X-Series Partition System - same as the one used in the example

Our success came from our product quality and product management services. Our talented installers and representatives were able to build trust with our project management partner. Products were chosen particularly to suit the project – double-glazed Integra and X-Series provided the acoustic performance, while maintaining the much-desired modern streamline sleekness.

We kept communications as clear as possible and insisted on delivering each component to the highest quality. It was particularly satisfying when we received an appreciation letter from them.

About the Author

Ricky Wong is the Senior Sales Manager for JEB Partitions. He is based in our Hong Kong office.