Shanghai Showroom Opens Amid Celebrations


JEB Group marks another milestone as the Shanghai showroom was opened on 3 August amid celebration from members of the industry.

This opening also marks the third showroom opening in a row after the Sydney showroom opening in June and Beijing showroom in July.

Guests were eager to discover JEB’s latest inspirations and had a great time mingling with one another. Attendance was impressive as the signing board at the entrance was quickly filled with signatures.

The Shanghai showroom is a collaboration with architecture firm M Moser Associates. It features furniture from Vitra, Walter Knoll, HAY and stunning lighting from Waldmann. It showcases JEB’s best partitions and furniture combinations, and is set to demonstrate how office space could achieve functionality in multiple levels.

The original inspiration for the showroom was to create a destination for designers. The designing team believes that new offices should be haven for working and connection with others, while doubling as a social gathering place for events and small parties. The vision is to create an office space that is durable, flexible and attractive in the middle of the city.

The integration of JEB partitions and furniture brands is the heart of every process. The custom-made lighting accentuated the furniture as the focus of the display, and storage was considered as a part of the overall design.

The limitations from natural lighting and lack of ambiance from the outside surroundings gave rise to innovation. The showroom’s lighting has been redesigned to imitate natural lights coming in from different angles. A greenery in the middle of the showroom designated as the focus meeting point allows people to enjoy a different ambience without natural lighting.


The Shanghai showroom is located at Li Yuan Road in Huangpu district, and includes demos for executive office, meeting rooms and open work spaces. Please feel welcome to pay a visit anytime. 

JEB Group - Shanghai Showroom

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Unit 210/212,
Building A7,
Soho Liyuan,
No. 501 Liyuan Road,
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