JEB Mosaic


The superb of Mosaic is that they can bring so much personality to a space, energy and add a unique visual interest to your space with the superb new product from JEB Mosaic. Let your creativity make the rules: add personality and energy to a space with this unique product.

JEB Mosaics are made from various kind of materials: marble, natural stone, glass, ceramic and Mother of Pearl, Utilising different combinations of colors, pattern and texture to tell a story. Every Mosaic tells a unique story: a story of origin, a story of romance, or a story of inspiration. Multifunctional, patterned and durable, they are great pieces of art. 



Decorative and trendy, marble Mosaics look gorgeous customised with various patterns and textures. Because of the organic patterns in material, even a monochromatic composition has slight differences between each tile, which can be used for a variety of sophisticated effects.


Natural Stone & Glass


Showcase the simple, fine lines of some of the natural stones or play with texture and light reflection with the wide variety of glass available. Or mix and match them both to create vivid effects.


Porcelain & Mother of Pearl


For a ceramic option that is scratch resistant yet maintains a dream traditional feel, we also offer porcelain tiles. This pairs beautifully with the polished Mother of Pearl tiles, which brings a trendy iridescence and play of light into a JEB Mosaic.

To see samples and get inspired, email us at to reserve a showroom visit.