Holmris B8 Launches in JEB Australia

JEB is proud to announce the launch of our new Danish brand partner, Holmris B8. Founded in 1937, Holmris B8 is a family-owned company that has been running for over 80 years. They have been regarded as one of the most innovative furniture companies in Denmark, focusing their service solutions in four market segments: Office, Learning, Care, and Hospitality.

Last week, we had the honor to organize a Vikings style Danish feast at our Sydney showroom in celebration of the brand launch. Guests include notable designers from numerous companies and key members from Holmirs B8 also flew in to join us for this special occasion.


Our Sydney showroom is enlightened with astonishing pieces from Holmris B8, featuring four different collections:

The S60: Minimalistic Expressions:

The S60 features a series of work desks that expresses a simplistic, yet stylish expression.

The Cabale: Modernistic Collection

Originally designed in 1996, the Cabale relaunched in 2005 with greater additions on functionality for its modern collection of tables for active workstations.

The Tweet: Soft Seating Collection

The Tweet consists of a soft seating collection that is suitable for individual interior solutions.

The Groovy CC: Functionality

The Groovy CC chairs collection focuses on addressing different needs. They carry a wide range of models to fit for any interior style.

The partnership with Holmris B8 is envisaged that the two-way cooperation will strengthen greater success for both companies in offering furniture solutions.

Browse our latest Holmris B8 offering on our website or visit our Sydney showroom to see the collection in person.