Products that Can Enhance the Workspace

How much time do you spend in the office? Although workers spend at least eight hours a day in the office, research suggests that an average worker is only productive for around three hours a day. In order to increase productivity in the workplace, it is crucial to invest in products that can enhance communication, time management, and work performance.

Here are some products that can help enhance working habits in the office: 



Having a whiteboard in the office can generate various benefits. It helps create a sense of community in the workspace where employees can share their ideas or hold Impromptu meetings. It can help with brainstorming, creative development and boost productivity.

An advanced whiteboard tool is the eBeam Smartmarker which allow users to stream notes in real time during meetings or brainstorming sessions. The product is portable and compatible with Windows and Mac computers and Android and iOS devices. The eBeam Smartmarker is able to capture what is written on the whiteboard using regular dry erase markers.

Time Tracker 

time management

Effective time management can help individuals and teams maximise their efforts and accomplish more work in a shorter period of time. Time tracking devices such as Tiller, allows users to alternate between work tasks and to start and stop the timer with simple gestures. 

Clockify is another time management tool that can keep teams utilise their time more efficiently. They become more aware of the amount of time used for projects, meetings, and emails. 

Desk Cable Management

Keeping electrical wires and cables organised and hidden in the workplace can promote a clutter-free environment and it leaves a good impression for client visits. It prevents cable overheating issues, damages and extends the performance of cables. Cable management products such as cable baskets can be kept under the desk. 

Finding ways to increase productivity in the workplace can facilitate the business as a whole. It is important to use tools that can enhance organisation and communication within teams, making it easier to prioritise and delegate tasks.

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