How is Technology Affecting the Furniture Industry?

Furniture is now in the digital age. The way that furniture is designed has been profoundly affected by the rapid change of technology. Many companies are trying to develop furniture products that are adaptable, multifunctional and integrable to consumer electronics to enhance productivity. They want to improve the functionality and sustainable methods of furniture production.


Technology has helped improve furniture production methods and material selection. The Vitra Eames chair is an exemplar of this transformation. Initially, the Eames chair was made of fiberglass. Due to technological growth and ecological advantages, Vitra decided to replace fiberglass with polypropylene. Polypropylene is recyclable and is able to satisfy the demands of strength and resilience.

Vitra Eames Chair

Consumer Electronics

The trend of integrating consumer electronics into furniture products are on the rise. Starbucks has input a free wireless charging system on table tops for mobile devices in a number of selected regions in the United States. 

Linak created a mobile app that works via Bluetooth to allow users to adjust the height of their desk through their phone and to receive reminders to vary their position throughout the day. 

Vitra Dancing Wall

A TV unit and partition system combined into one? The Vitra Dancing Wall is a movable partition system that can be used as a TV unit. It is suitable for conferences and meetings in countless work environments.


Furniture companies are looking at sustainable ways to produce furniture and to reduce environmental impact. They will assess the life-cycle of their products by taking into consideration the source of materials, manufacturing process and whether it is recyclable or biodegradable at the end of its use.

The Sustainable Furnishings Council suggested a number of ways into producing sustainable furniture. They mentioned that it is best to use water-based foams and glues for furniture finishes, metals that includes recycled content and organic fabrics.

Islands - Ottoman

Aside from comfort and ergonomics, the future of furniture design will also revolve around technology. It is essential to shift away from traditional models and to be adaptable to changes that can improve human experience and support sustainable living.

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