4 Office Design Trends in 2019

Over recent years, office design has become an integral part of an organization’s success. A well-designed workspace can enhance employee productivity and encourage interaction. According to a study by CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers), the workplace is responsible for 24% of job satisfaction. In 2019, organizations will continue to be innovative and creative towards the use of workspaces. There will also be a strong focus on employee satisfaction and sustainability in business practices.  

Discover the trends that will generate a significant and immediate impact on workspaces in 2019 and beyond:

Shared Office Space

The increase of co-working spaces will likely continue in 2019. It is estimated that there will be a 25% growth in 2019 compared to last year. Hot desking at co-working spaces is becoming a cost-effective solution for many companies due to the rising rental costs of traditional office spaces. Last year, HSBC rented more than 300 hot desks at WeWork for its digital and transformation teams in Hong Kong, helping the company save approximately HK$23,000 per person annually. 

Concentration Spaces

Although the open office layout has grown to become the current standard in workspace design, studies have suggested that it can cause distractions and a decrease in productivity. A survey conducted by Unispace reveals that noise was one of the main factors that led to inefficiency during working hours.

Private Workspace.jpg

Companies are implementing private areas in open office environments to help address this issue. Modern phone booths and privacy hubs have been installed to facilitate work that requires concentration, alone time for meetings and private phone conversations.

Green Everything

Green upholstery will be increasingly noticeable in workspaces. Plants and trees will also continue to contribute to office designs, adding life and enhancing wellness for its end users. They are able to improve air quality and regulate humidity levels and odors. Living walls also make a great way into actualizing sustainability goals and statements for businesses. 

Meeting table

Paintings and Murals

Painting and textured walls help add contrast and appeal within interiors. Murals will be another trend bringing attention and illustrating the spirit and philosophy of the company.


It is apparent that the design of workspaces has evolved alongside the changing trends in business management. Companies need to be aware of the factors that can enhance workflows and communication in the office to develop the most suitable approach.

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