4 Must-Have Office Furniture in a Creative Workspace

A creative workspace ecosystem should consist of furniture products that promote collaboration and privacy. Selecting the proper furniture and orientation can help eliminate distractions, provide flexibility for various work purposes and offer areas for discussions. It can bring people together and increase the likelihood of communication.

Individual Workspace

Creative workspaces with an open office configuration can be noisy and generate a negative impact on attention span and productivity. According to a study conducted by Bospar PR, 43% of the participants reported that open offices provided no privacy and 29% reported having difficulty concentrating.

Including individual workspaces with private panels can help isolate noises in a collaborative workspace. The Vitra Workbays provides freedom for users to seek out the optimal environment for work purposes. They offer different configurations for three types of functions: a place to withdraw for concentrated work, a place for communication or a place within a functional space.

Vitra Workbays


Active workstations in the office such as height adjustable desks can offer freedom to change work postures throughout the day.

Holmris Q20

Holmris Q20 is a height adjustable desk system that allows users to alternate between sitting and standing while working. It is available with manual or electrical height adjustment.

Modular Furniture

The advantage of having modular furniture in the office is they provide infinite possibilities to plan your space and change the layout in the future. They are also the perfect spot for relaxation and casual discussions.

Koleksiyon - Dilim Sofa

The Dilim Sofa from Koleksiyon is a modular series suitable for lounge areas or work zones. The sofa version is perfect for creating a private environment for working or casual conversations. It has a high-back design that can help minimize noises.

Koleksiyon - Dilim Sofa 1

The back-to-back version can be used in various waiting areas or complement other furniture systems.

Communal Work Desk

Having a casual meeting space table in the workspace can help promote collaboration, and brainstorming activities to foster creativity.

Sedus Temptation High Desk .jpg

The Sedus Temptation High Desk serves as a temporary workspace and a meeting point. It encourages users to stand during meetings which can result in shorter and more productive meetings.

Properly configured furniture in workspaces can contribute to an optimal work environment for employees. Since workers spend at least one-third of their lives in the office, it is important to select furniture that generates comfort and satisfaction.

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