3 Ways Office Design Can Help Reduce Stress Levels

While a moderate level of stress is a motivator for positive change, excessive amounts can lead to high turnover rates, an increase in absenteeism and reduced work performance. According to the 2017 Global Benefits Attitude survey, workplace disengagement increased when employees experienced high levels of stress. The study analyzes more than 31,000 employee responses in 22 markets and around three in ten workers experiencing severe stress, anxiety or depression within the last two years.

Creating a healthy work environment can help minimize stress levels in the workplace. Office design can help promote workplace wellbeing, alleviate stress and increase productivity. Consider the three methods below:

Adding Colour:

The choice of colours in the workspace is crucial as it can enlighten the atmosphere and impact the mind and emotions. According to a study by SCIELO, colours that are bright and highly saturated revealed positive moderating effects on the relations between office, public space, and workload.

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Brighter colours such as orange can help to raise the overall energy in the workspace. Cool colours such as green or blue are able to keep employees composed and relaxed.

Natural lighting:

natural light office.jpg

Having access to natural light in the office is beneficial to wellbeing. Researchers at Northwestern University conducted a study comparing two groups of workers. The results revealed that the first group working in an area without windows reported having lower sleep quality and the second group that had access to natural light gained better sleep efficiency.

Breakout area:

Breakout areas are gaining popularity as they provide autonomy to employees to choose where to work according to work purposes and their mood. Depending on the design, they are flexible and versatile, ranging from collaborative cubicles, flexible furniture, and multi-level modules. Breakout spaces are perfect for casual meetings, brainstorming, and coffee breaks.

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Workplace stress can be reduced through better office designs and functions. Flexible and vibrant office spaces can promote a healthier corporate culture, keep employees satisfied and engaged with their work.

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