3 Types of Furniture That Facilitates Wellbeing

Over the past few years, there has been a high demand for furniture products that offers flexibility and comfort in working environments. Employers are keen on selecting furniture that can improve productivity, engagement, and wellness for their employees. The proper design can enhance levels of wellbeing, promote healthier habits and provide relaxation.

Here are three types of furniture that can help increase wellbeing: 

Task Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are particularly designed to generate good posture and comfort. They provide back support and are suitable for prolonged sitting, especially for long meetings.


Se: flex is a swivel chair perfect for multiple use workstations. The mesh backrest of the chair is able to follow the user’s movement, resulting in flexibility and promoting healthy sitting in all positions. The adjustable armrests can intuitively move forward and backward and can rotate to the inside and outside.

Lounge Seating

Incorporating lounge seating in the office can enable employees to hold casual conversations and to work in a homelike setting, providing the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Softwork Vitra.jpg

Softwork from Vitra is a minimalistic system that takes into consideration the rapid change of atmospheres in workspaces. It can transform into diverse seating and working positions, with pivot tables that can be pulled up and put away as needed and power sockets located between seat cushions.


Se:works from Sedus can make employees feel like they are at home in the office but also designed for working. The contoured back padding provides optimal support for the lumbar region to achieve maximum comfort.

Height Adjustable Tables

Height adjustable tables allow employees to easily change their postures throughout the working day, reducing sedentary behavior, which can positively impact physical health.  It can offer flexible options for various work purposes.


 The Keypiece Communication Desk is a dynamic desk system that works as a personal workplace and meeting room table all in one. User-friendly and convenient, the Keypiece has an electric motor where height adjustments can be controlled by pressing a button on the touchpad.

Wellbeing is becoming more prevalent across the workspace. Employers are seeking solutions to enhance wellness by selecting the proper furniture to fit into workspaces. They recognize that furniture can increase the work performance of employees and satisfaction.

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