Choosing the Proper Height Adjustable Desk for Your Workspace

The number of employers providing height adjustable desks in the workplace has increased immensely over the recent years. Research has shown that the use of sit-stand desks is more beneficial than tradition seated desks. It can reduce sedentary behavior and increase productivity. According to a study from Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health, users of stand-capable desks were 45% more productive as compared to users of seated desks.

It is important to differentiate between height adjustable desks and stand desks. If used incorrectly, standing desks can cause excessive standing, which can lead to lower back pain and increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. In contrast, height adjustable desks provide you the option to change working postures throughout the day, whether sitting or standing. This can break the pattern of sitting for long intervals which can increase daily well-being and promote healthier living.

Our Selection of Height Adjustable Desks: 


The Exec-V desk system is a practical choice, featuring flexible functions and a cultivated representation. Its sleek collection offers a wide range, consisting of desks, meeting tables and single workstations. 


Keypiece Communication Desk

For workstations that support various working methods, the Keypiece Communication Desk is a dynamic piece. It is a personal workplace and meeting room table all in one. User-friendly and convenient, the Keypiece now has an electric motor where height adjustments can be controlled by pressing a button on the touchpad.

Keypiece Communication Desk.jpg

Headoffice Mono

The single workstation from the Headoffice Mono collection is height adjustable, offering flexible working. Its structure illustrates a powerful balance of calm and dynamism. Its minimalistic style is suitable for the modern office.

Headoffice Mono.jpg

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