Furniture That Can Facilitate Team Building

Team building is essential in a business organization. It can enhance social interaction, enable team members to understand each other and increase work efficiency. Designing a dynamic workspace and incorporating the right furniture can create a positive impact on team building.

A dynamic workplace can create a balanced environment that encourages collaboration while including areas that can allow privacy and minimal distractions. Most importantly, workspaces must include team tables and ergonomic office chairs.

Conference Tables

High desks are a good option to be used as a meeting point, promoting communication and collaboration. They encourage a change of posture, which has a positive impact on health. Meetings in a standing position are usually shorter and more productive since the average human attention span is 20 minutes. 

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Featuring: Sedus Temptation High Desk

Choosing tables that combine ergonomics, design and economics would be an ingenious selection. Selecting a height adjustable table can also offer flexibility whether you decide to sit or stand during the meeting.


Sedus Temptation C (Team Table)

Although sitting requires less effort as compared to standing, it puts stress on the lumbar region. Therefore, it is critical to select chairs that can support the lower back, which can evoke good posture. Ergonomic chairs should offer flexibility for height adjustments.

Ergonomic chairs can provide comfort and support to improve our ability to focus through meetings, but it is still necessary to take movement breaks throughout the day. Excessive sitting can lead to musculoskeletal disordersand other health complications. A study from the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that if we sit for less than 30 minutes per interval it can lower the risk of an early death.

Selecting the right furniture in the office can help generate positive conversations and provide flexibility to employees. It is the furniture that should be accommodating to the workspace, not the other way around.

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