3 Ways to Conduct Effective Meetings

The meeting that is never-ending, where everyone starts to lose focus and fiddle with their smartphones and wonder: When is this meeting going to end? Disorganized meetings can be catastrophic and a waste of time. CareerBuilder surveyed over 2000 managers to identify the most influential productivity killers in the workplace. The results revealed that meetings were ranked number seven on the top ten list. If meetings are organized effectively, they will improve teamwork and leave your employees feeling motivated and satisfied with their work.


A meeting must have a clear objective and purpose. Consider who will be invited to the meeting and list out what you seek to accomplish. Create an agenda for everything that you would like to cover during the meeting, with a timeline that includes the amount of time to spend on each item.

Time Management

It is important to be on schedule and have meetings completed in a timely manner. Scheduled meetings should not be any longer than 20 minutes. Shorter meetings allow people to stay more focused. A study conducted by Dianne Dukette and David Cornish shows that the human attention span is 20 minutes. The attention span will start to decay significantly after 20 minutes and will cause a loss of concentration and physical fatigue.


Follow Up

Sending a follow up email after a meeting is a great way to highlight what was accomplished and to keep everyone on the same page. It also serves as the perfect reminder to document the responsibilities, tasks, and deadlines given.

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