3 Ways to Arrange Furniture in a Meeting Room

It is important to be mindful about furniture arrangement in the meeting room. It has an impact on the participants and the conversations taking place. The proper furniture selection can also optimize good office ergonomics and generate a positive impression.

Different Types of Arrangement:

Conference Style


This arrangement usually involves one meeting table centrally placed in the room with chairs arranged at the perimeters of the table. It is ideal for smaller business meetings, offering adequate space for everyone to brainstorm and share their ideas.

Horseshoe Shape Style

U Shape.jpg

This set up consists of large tables that are arranged in a U-shape with open space in the middle. Participants are seated around the outside facing the center of the U. The Horseshoe Shape Style is suitable for training seminars or committee meetings since the center space provides enough space for the equipment required for audio-visual presentations.

Classroom Style


This style is appropriate for larger groups and comfortable for long meeting sessions. Chairs and tables are assembled so that the audience is facing the front. This allows the speaker, who is standing in the front to fully engage with the audience and the audience to ask questions and to share their opinions freely.

Depending on the purpose of the meeting, organizing furniture that would be convenient for the event can maximize space, productivity and enhance comfort.

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