We are JEB - Q&A with Colin on an Effective Company Culture


Our Chief Operations Office Colin Leung shares how the right culture has guaranteed JEB's growth in the past decade

When speaking with our stakeholders, we found out that JEB is known for its culture. Our can-do mindset and innovation have allowed us to succeed in every challenge, and earn trust from our clients and partners. Considering JEB’s rapid growth in the past decade, this culture has been vital to us.

Our Chief Operations Officer, Colin Leung, shares more on what JEB culture means and what differences it makes.

Q: What’re your duties as a COO? How would you describe your working style?

I would say this role requires leading by example, putting the right people at the right place, constantly challenging the status quo, providing platforms for staff for new ideas and always solving problems in creative ways. It is like being a Michelin chef mixing all ingredients together to deliver the best dish. I am a coordinator, nurturer, mediator, counsellor and even a magician!

Q: Tell us about the most important factor to JEB’s success?

Good people and the amazing working culture. From directors to front-end staff, everyone has been exceptionally dedicated. We often see our Managing Directors, Rob Wall and Paul Dingley, leading from the front with their diverse experience and engaging in open dialogues with our staffs and managers. We value on creativity, integrity, responsibility, teamwork and a can-do spirit. Everyone feels responsible for their duties with a strong sense of teamwork – and that’s how we tackle problems as a group.

The result is our differentiation in products, services and ability to carve solid solutions as a market leader – with a particular attention to detail.

Q: How has JEB changed over the past years?

We stand out from being merely a partition supplier and are well-perceived as a specialist in our trade. There has been plenty of breakthroughs: we developed an acoustic sliding door, Summit, when everyone believed that sliding doors had no acoustic function. We are probably the first in putting switchable glasses into movable wall panels, and our JEB Custom Projects division has been delivering beautiful and customised solutions and retail façades in many projects.

Most importantly, we have attracted more and more talents with the same values.  Everyone is able to bring something new from their experience, all cemented by a good team spirit and a sense of belonging. our businesses are experiencing an unprecedented growth

Q: How would you envision JEB’s future as an organisation?

I always see JEB as an organism rather than an organisation. We evolve to become better and won’t stop improving ourselves. We are proud of what we are doing. We love to provide new solutions to our clients, we love to find new ways of doing things. We love our people and we also love the places we live in. We will keep doing all these.

Q: Anything else you want to share?

Visiting our showrooms is the best way to “feel” JEB. Come have a coffee or beer. See our products. Have a chat with our people. Tell us your thoughts.

About the Author

Colin Leung is the Chief Operations Officer at JEB Group. He is based in our Hong Kong office. 

You can find out more about JEB's people and values, or visit Colin's LinkedIn profile


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