Choosing Collaborative Furniture for Education Environments

As educational curriculums are shifting towards group-dynamic and collaborative environments, the need for movable and adjustable furniture is crucial. It is essential to have seating and desk systems that can support learning experiences, peer-to-peer and student-to-teacher interaction.

Height Adjustable Tables

Traditional desks are not adaptable for active classrooms which are necessary for today's educational system. Height adjustable tables are great additions to learning spaces as they can also reduce sedentary behaviour. A study done by AIMS Public Health has shown that 69% of adolescents reported working well with height adjustable desks and the majority of teachers (71%) and students (70%) reported wanting to continue using them.

Sedus Brainstorm height adjustable desks are a great selection for learning spaces as they can provide the required conditions where knowledge can be shared and exchanged.


Sedus Brainstorm

Modular Designed Furniture

Modular furniture can increase the effectiveness of the learning space, encouraging students to actively participate and engage with others. To enhance learning experiences, it is essential to select tables that can be rearranged for individual work or group activity.


Ergonomic Seating

Seating systems that allow flexibility configures for learning activities. Chairs with swivels can improve attention and comfort. The COBRA chair from Holmris B8 is suitable for educational settings since it provides excellent comfort and spine support. It also has a five-legged base that allows students to easily move around for group work.

Cobra Chair.jpg

COBRA chair by Holmris B8  

The setting of classrooms no longer needs to be static. When selecting furniture for learning spaces, adaptability is one of the main features that should be put into consideration. They can transform spaces and increase interaction and motivation.

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