3 Benefits of Collaborative Workspace

How do you envision a typical workplace? A static space with traditional work desks and cubicles? Companies nowadays recognize the importance of group work and how it is central to success in achieving organizational goals. They are valuing the benefits of interpersonal balance, generating an environment that promotes collaboration, innovation, and privacy for individual tasks. 


Moving away from cubicles encourages employees to move freely and the opportunity to interact and share knowledge for various purposes. It also enables employees to shift postures throughout the day whether by sitting, standing or lounging. Excessive sittingcan lead to a list of health complications.

Enhance well-being

Modern companies are increasingly opting for comfortable and spacious workspaces with shared tables and lounge seating. The design of the workspace can also have an impact on employee’s well-being. According to the recent research from BMJ Journals, workers in open bench seating were perceived with lower stress levels and were more active than those in private offices and cubicles.

Collaborative learning 

When collaboration is fueled, it can increase employee engagement which can transform business processes and performance. It empowers employees to share ideas and to learn from each other. The ATD study Building a Culture of Learning reports that in higher performing companies, “employees share knowledge with their colleagues at a rate four times greater than that of workers in lower-performing firms.” 

Collaborative workspaces are becoming more open and transparent. Developing a culture of collaboration can lead to better staff retention and provides opportunities for employees to communicate, opening doors to creative solutions for the organization.

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