3 Ways That Furniture Affects Organizational Behaviour

The average adult spends at least one-third of their lifetime at work. Places that we spend a great proportion of our time shape the way we behave, influencing our mental well-being and work performance. Furniture in the office can have an impact on productivity and organizational behaviour.

Shapes of Office Furniture

Selecting furniture for workspaces can be a challenging process. There are certain factors to keep in mind. According to a study from the British Psychological Society, furniture that is rounded and curved tends to be more pleasurable and inviting as compared to straight-edge. Rounded furniture gives a more comfortable feeling, triggering emotions of appreciation.


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Choosing ergonomic furniture can help improve an employee’s efficiency. In a study about ergonomics, furniture that can improve postures can increase productivity by more than 50 percent. Height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs can help to reduce back pain can also increase employee well-being.



Creativity can come in various forms and selecting the right furniture can increase sociability, interactions and promote relaxation. For practical use, the Holmris B8 Cabale High Desk is a great selection for teams to gather together for meetings, quick discussions or casual talk.


Holmris B8 Cabale High Desk 

Through clever and meticulous designs, furniture now serves various purposes in the workplace. It can help encourage interactions, generate positive energy within the organization and improve the wellness of employees.

Organizational behaviour influence the way employees perform according to different situations, and they help generate strategies for management. It is important for leaders to consider the nature of their organization and apply the best model to generate positive goals.

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