3 Tips for Networking in Co-Working Spaces

Aside from the flexible space and the great ambiance that co-working spaces offer, it is a cost-effective opportunity to connect and collaborate with others. Connections established in co-working spaces tend to be long-lasting and possess intrinsic value.

Here are some insights on networking around co-working spaces:


Due to the unconventional design of co-working spaces it provides flexibility and allow you to change your work zones. You don't need to stay in the same cubicle for the whole day since you have the freedom to move your workstation, meet new people and ignite conversations. Networking events in co-working spaces also tend to be more casual as compared to traditional networking, involving happy hours and after hour events.


Work Trade 

Results from the 2017 Global Coworking Surveyreveals 71% of co-working spaces members have collaborated with other members within last 12 months. It is worth proposing a work trade with others in the co-working space community because it could help promote your business. This approach can drive word of mouth recommendations which is a great way to boost your network. 

Share Knowledge


The mentality of co-working is openness. There will be different members from different industries working in co-working spaces. It is a great opportunity to build solid connections by offering assistance to others. You could share your knowledge, expertise, and feedback, which can foster relationships that could lead to future gains.

Working in a co-working space allows you to bond and learn with others. It is the perfect environment to receive feedback and recommendations about your projects and your business as a whole.   

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