JEB Architectural Resins

JEB Architectural Finishes is so excited to add another incredible product to our vast library called JEB Architectural Resins. This line is divided into different collections: encapsulated material, faux stone and deep textures. More on each collection below.

This collection contains more than 25 pieces of standard variations is also available to customise making the application options even more exciting. Talk to us about customising your own resins to become your ideal product

JEB Architectural Resins: Encapsulated

The Encapsulated collection is created by pouring resin over various materials creating a sheet with unparalleled depth and clarity. You might find (Laser cut aluminium, recycled materials, organic flowers or plant matter) beautifully preserved in these glass-like sheets. This collection is perfect for partitions screens and lighting applications.

JEB Architectural Resins: Monolithic

Designed to mimic natural stone, we love how this collection also modifies this usually opaque material to have a beautiful translucent quality, which lends nicely to backlighting. Like all the collections, these resin surfaces are easy to install, has a stain resistant surface and can be refinished later on if the material needs to be freshened up or a design is modified.

JEB Architectural Resins: Textures

A deeply textured finish which cannot be achieved in other kinds of translucent materials is now an option with JEB Architectural Resins. As with all the resin collections, the textured options can be used and stored in outdoors; its lightweight nature lends itself to exciting exterior applications. This collection can be customised in a variety of colours, allowing for your unique design to come to life on your project.

The resistance of resins is strong. It is durable, waterproof, light and the manufacturing cost is low. With all the collections and various unique features and customisation opportunities, we believe this product is an essential tool for designers and architects.

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