We are JEB: the Benefits of Workplace Ergonomics with Charlie

Charlie Pearson from JEB Furniture Solutions shares his insights on achieving the agile and ergonomic workplace

Charlie Pearson from JEB Furniture Solutions shares his insights on achieving the agile and ergonomic workplace

The concept of an agile workplace has long taken a foothold. Implementation with the most suitable furniture selection will turn this concept into reality.

Nov 29, 2017 – Offices across all sectors are increasingly embracing the idea of an agile workplace - an office that fits in with its occupants. Clients nowadays prefer systems that are affordable, flexible and long-lasting. And as a result, human performance and productivity have improved once offices turn agile. 

Workplace Ergonomics in a Nutshell

Safety and ergonomics are two crucial factors in succeeding in a design or task. They complement each other in enhancing productivity and reducing employer cost  Providing staff with non-ergonomic workstations can increase the chances of poor posture and individuals exerting themselves less over time. Both factors are hence associated with productivity and health-risk factors.

When a task is too physically taxing on an employee, they may not perform to their full potential. Poor ergonomics can lead to this frustration and there is always then a higher probability that these fatigued workers will not perform well in their work. 

Results Justify the Effort

Employees will notice when a company puts measure in place, towards ensuring their staff’s wellbeing. This practice is proven to have a direct impact on individual performances and drives a positive overall ethos within any business. You can then expect staff reciprocating positively towards their work and colleagues. All of these contribute towards a happier and higher-performing workforce.

Through systematic ergonomic improvements in our supplier’s products, our clients are quickly grasping the long-term benefits of sit/stand solutions. For example, we have seen a sizable transition towards the procurement of HAT (Height adjustable desks) over fixed height workstations over the last 12-18 months.

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Our Brand Feature : Vitra

Brand selections within JEB Furniture Solutions has carefully adapted to cater for this growing ergonomic demand. Our core brand Vitra from Germany is a leader in modern office furniture and design. Vitra is known for being one the few pioneers in ergonomic workplace design. It is a brand that understands the essence of designing and manufacturing products that aim to meet everyday demands.

Vitra's portfolio comprises of a specially-designed range of systems and collaborative furniture. Users can work efficiently in any open workspace environment, either individually or in a group. For example, their smart ergonomic sit/stand workstation collection comes readily available with multiple features. These features include “Day 1 & Day 2” conversion kits, modular desk capabilities, workstation benches transformable into height-adjustable meeting tables, and desks that can be altered into soft seated seating areas.

Workplace Ergonomics: The Right Step for a Better Business

There is no question that supplying effective office ergonomics is a sizable challenge. Companies that cater to employees’ wellbeing, enhance safety and select the right furniture for their office can build a lasting impact and uplift their prestige as a preferred employer.  

The right furniture choice is practical as it is appealing. The right environment will open up new opportunities to win with your employees, so they will deliver nothing less than a spectacular performance while staying committed to the company.

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About the Author

Charlie Pearson is our sales director in JEB Partitions and is based in Singapore.