We are JEB: Navigating the Essence of Crafting the Workplace Interior with Wendy

Wendy Tang  is the General Manager of JEB Furniture Solutions in Hong Kong

Wendy Tang is the General Manager of JEB Furniture Solutions in Hong Kong

Modern companies are pursuing a style that is practical as it is unique. Companies that want to stand out must understand the details within.

October 24, 2017 – In the current interior trend, more companies are committing to assembling the modern office – agile, comfortable and cosy. This is particularly so for environments with high volume of movement.

Three Characteristics of a Modern Office

Offices worldwide – clients of JEB and alike – have long been pursuing a style that combine three advantages. Firstly, a design that defines the company’s style is increasingly common. Companies wish to achieve an outlook that correspond with their brand identity and function. It is not only beautiful to look at – it also helps company with their everyday function, from aiding their staffs’ mobility, accommodating frequent business meetings, to creating closer bonds among staffs.

Companies and staff prefer an open area that will make them feel relaxed and at home

Companies and staff prefer an open area that will make them feel relaxed and at home

Also, a contemporary and simplistic outlook has been prevalent. The structured or extravagant offices are the things of the past. Rather, companies and staff prefer an open area that will make them feel relaxed and at home. Gone are the days where staff are content with clearly-partitioned silos and executives separated in private offices. A simple and open interior that reflect the 21st century aesthetics are the key to company engagement – in a time where hierarchies are much flatter than before. In fact, studies have shown that a work environment with both the functions and aesthetics of a collaborative public space are more productive. Workers nowadays are mobile. They would concentrate at a bench for the moment, and would connect with their colleagues the next moment. It is the agile and simple environment that allows such change.

Last but not least, price-competitiveness is an important factor for building the modern office. There is also the temptation to seek out the most appealing furniture or finishes, only to be overwhelmed by the budget later. Therefore, it is vital to choose the combination that will suit the intended style while remaining financially aware.

Service & Time Management are Vital in the Process

Many companies now focus on choosing the right partner. As a result, what become prominent is the development of methods, awareness of the industry changes, and expansion of supported services. The proliferation of VR apps have allowed companies to better visualise the intended results. The search process for the right office interior has become quicker and more thorough.

What can be derived from this change are as follows: service and time management. If we could “see” the transform process from start to finish, work with the supplier throughout, and with an aligned goal, we could significantly bump up efficiency. Partnership is not just completing the task, they are a combination with good service, timeliness and reliability made possible by accumulated professionalism.

The importance of Choice: Assortment, Expertise and Services

The need to understand the clients’ needs and providing a one-stop service cannot be overemphasised. Companies have long required a customised service to craft a work environment unique to their vision and characteristics. To realise this, the right partner should possess the project-management expertise to understand and execute according to the client’s needs, and the style awareness for the most compatible aesthetics and practicality. This goes with a plethora of assortment in partitions, furniture, lighting and finishes diverse enough to suit any styles and functions required by the client.

Take JEB for example. What delights our clients is our assortment from the world’s most famous designer office furniture names, with all different categories covered. To complement that, each of our staff act as a consultant that not only follows each project from start to finish, but have the insights that could assist the creation of each company’s unique style. Making the differentiation between a mere supplier and a preferred partner in architectural products and services imply our commitment and expertise in helping our clients justify their prestige with a unique style.

About the author

Wendy Tang is the General Manager of JEB Furniture Solutions in Hong Kong, based in JEB’s Hong Kong office.