We are JEB: Balancing Office Functionality and Sleekness with Justine

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October 16, 2017 – Justine is the Sales Director in our Sydney office. Here she shares her insights on the modern Australian work space, what employees are looking for, and the best product to achieve that.

What are people looking for in the modern workplace?

I think our workplace has evolved from the traditional “silo” into a far more agile and collaborative environment. We have seen the boundaries between formal and informal settings being increasingly blurred. Not only are meetings becoming more spontaneous, offices spaces are often the venue for social gatherings as well as for work and formal occasions.

Research shows that relaxation and a change of scenery can make creative pro­cesses more efficient – especially if you’re finding it difficult to think of new ideas. Seating areas with the right vibe will encourage employees to leave their desk and to return with new solutions. That’s why we have more and more collaborative environments like open office or co-working spaces.

Where is the balance between sleek and functionality?

Aesthetics is as important as functionality in shaping the modern workplace. The key is in ergonomics – one must continue to enhance user experience while keeping things presentable. It is thus natural to consider employees’ everyday activities, such as working styles, movement, or meeting length, and choose the furniture that will make everything comfortable.

The modern workplace focuses on meeting the needs of the different generations working alongside each other. Contemporary office solutions need to address key ergonomic issues and free people to work where, how and when they want to. This simple but liberating idea is transforming levels of engagement and satisfaction at work. The working environment should meet four basic needs: concentration, communication, collaboration and relaxation. Your end goal is to create comfort for the body and the mind.

Since workplaces are getting more agile and open, how do people get that sense of that vital sense of privacy when needed?

Some may find a workstation or desk in a more remote area. Others may move into a meeting or a quieter room. There are cases of people setting up in high back sofas for the day just to get that personal space. They all point to one thing: employees prefer convenience when getting that sense of privacy.

What products could do just that?

The se:works from Sedus would be our first choice. What makes it unique is its perfect ergonomics for a long-term, healthy work posture. It is evident in the specially formed backrest, which gives the user support exactly where they need it.

What makes  se:works  unique is its perfect ergonomics for a long-term, healthy work posture

What makes se:works unique is its perfect ergonomics for a long-term, healthy work posture

The ergonomics of the seat depth is also remarkable. The seat cushions are based on a robust frame, with padding underneath and special foam padding on top. Then with the new se:works Blinds (or Back Screens) installed, you can achieve all the privacy you need for meetings or solitary working.

It looks and feels cosy, yet it is undoubtedly a workplace on its own – the design makes se:works very different to other collections.

The se:works is now available in Australia and Hong Kong. Contact our staff to find out how it could benefit your workplace and employees.