Assistant Marketing Manager (China) 助理市场经理 (中国区)


Your Role

  • Monitor and review all marketing campaigns' efficiency and effectiveness, especially in our China markets
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skill to be able to coordinate internal and external parties to work toward common goals
  • Develop and implement impactful B2B marketing campaigns for China, both online (e.g. Wechat, weibo, china video channels) and offline
  • Manage campaigns deliverable and work closely with local and HQ teams to implement and create marketing materials and campaigns
  • Plan, design, coordinate and execute sales & marketing activities such as product promotions, new product launch, events and exhibitions
  • Work with Marketing team at HQ to support the brand and drive sales
  • Monitor and control of the marketing budgets

What You Should Have

  • 3 years or above relevant experience, preferably gained in Architecture or Design industry
  • A natural user of social media such as Wechat and Weibo, familiar with China online marketing trends
  • Demonstrate skill and experience in executing and analysing online B2B marketing campaigns
  • Proactivity to explore China B2B marketing trends
  • Sound experience in multi-national companies and architecture interior/ exterior industry is highly preferred
  • Able to work independently as well as a good team member with positive and flexible working attitude
  • Self-motivated and able to communicate effectively with overseas team members
  • Strong project management and presentation skills
  • Excellent written and oral communications, English and Chinese
  • This position will be based in Shanghai.

Employment Type


To apply, please send your resume to 


  • 管理及监察JEB在中国大陆的市场营销计划的力度及效率
  • 向内部及外部人员讲解达到营销目标所需的工作范围
  • 制订及执行具突破性的B2B市场营销计划,包括线上广告(微信、微博及大陆影片频道等)及线下营销活动
  • 管理及确保营销广告计划回报达标,并与地方及总部人员合作制作营销材料,和制定及执行营销方案
  • 计划、设计、协调及执行各种市场营销及销售活动,包括产品推广、新产品推出介绍、官方社交活动和展览等活动
  • 与总部的市场营销人员合作以支援品牌及最大化销售额
  • 监察及管理市场营销预算


  • 具三年或以上的相关经验,有建筑和室内设计行业经验者为佳
  • 熟识社交媒体网络操作(如微信、微博等)和中国大陆的B2B社交媒体趋势
  • 具足够经验和能力执行和分析网上B2B营销广告计划
  • 有探索中国大陆B2B营销趋势的主动性
  • 有在跨国建筑及室内设计企业工作的经验者获优先考虑
  • 有主动性及独立性,能在团队内发挥,及能保持正面和高度弹性的工作态度
  • 能主动地与海外的人员进行有效的沟通
  • 具良好的项目管理及商业演讲能力
  • 操优秀的英语及汉语讲写能力
  • 拥有在上海工作的资格




  • 网上B2B营销
  • 线上广告
  • 线下营销活动